still spooky

it’s two days before christmas and i couldn’t be more excited! i only have two gifts left that i need to scramble to get, but we finished wrapping everything else this weekend. phew, what a relief!

image (2).jpg

as i mentioned, i closed my chapter at lilly pulitzer the week before, and so i got this adorable ring dish to sit next to my kate spade jewelry box. my room definitely got more colorful, and i’m glad i have things to mark special moments in my life.

image (3).jpg

even though it’s been the holiday season for a while now, i haven’t stopped using my spooky skeleton mug. i guess i can’t let go of halloween just yet. holiday themed donuts really make the day special, but as i sat at my desk i realized how opposite my breakfast was!

Blank 7 x 5 in.png

i got two new ugly sweaters last year on super sale in anticipation for this year. i love both of them so much! i can’t decide which is better, the “baaaah humbug” with my cute lamb, or the “dear santa, define naughty” pink number with bells attached. i wore my pixel santa over the weekend, but he’s been needing some rest after several years of wear.

image (4)

part of my job is the planning the company events, including the annual holiday party. i’ve become very accustomed to it since it’s my fourth year of putting it together. i had to steal a picture from my friend because i was so busy setting up that i missed out taking a picture of the venue before the chaos descended.

image (5)

once things settled down and everyone had eaten, i got a nice picture with tony. it was a sweet night, especially since everyone went out of their way to congratulate us on our engagement. i’d been planning my outfit for a long time and i’m so happy with how it turned out! it was truly such a magical night and i’m glad i got through it!

image (7)

the building management gave our company a tenant gift for the holidays – which were succulents from lula’s garden. they were so cute, that i actually kept them for myself! i went out of my way to buy a pot for them (i was getting a few online for my monthly goals anyways) and repotted them this weekend. aren’t they just darling in this elephant?

image (6)

my weekend was hectic with christmas shopping, parties and double dates – all of which were excellent. i was so exhausted once the weekend finished. but at least my sunday wrapped up with a nice walk with tony and leah, followed by watching one of my favorite christmas movies, love actually. while on our walk i spotted this adorable cat hanging out by a fallen tree. we were both so surprised to see it there – especially since it was so cold outside!

the week ahead is the last full one of twenty-nineteen and i’m excited to see what it brings. hoping your work week is short and your days are full of joy! Xx



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