wedding planning (pt 2)


we set a date! and with setting a date, so many other things are falling into place – which is so exciting. i’m a big planner, obviously, so having that finalized really lowered my stress level by a ton. as i mentioned in part 1, we looked at two venues in february. i did a lot of vetting online first in order to decide what i wanted for a venue. after getting a few listed, i sent them tony’s way for approval and we narrowed it down to two places.


both venues had their own charms, but we ultimately fell in love with bristow manor. i was so in love with the entire style of the historic house and all the picturesque spots. the prices and distance of both venues were roughly the same but there were a few key differences between the two that made us select bristow.

  • bristow manor had the entire building closed off for private events whereas piedmont only gave a small wing of the entire clubhouse
  • bristow had a better view for the ceremony pictures whether inside or outside, piedmont’s view was not as stunning
  • the bridal suite in piedmont desperately needed renovations, which they claimed they would do, but i couldn’t risk my pictures on a maybe. bristow’s bridal suite was already gorgeous.
  • the professionalism of the events manager at bristow was slightly higher, piedmont feeling a bit too casual.

i’m happy to report that upon selection the booking process was really easy and we even got an email from our day-of coordinator within a few hours of paying the deposit. we will be going for a “group” tasting in march next year, so until then, venue-wise we’re all set!


once you’ve set your date and venue, the next big thing is your photographer. this was the biggest priority for me because photographs are the only thing that last past the wedding day (aside from the marriage of course, haha!) tony and i researched a ton of photographers. tony’s priority was the cost whereas mine was the aesthetic. it took a bit for us to see eye-to-eye on someone, but we finally settled on compass studios. funnily enough, i know them personally! they have excellent packages available, and include a complimentary engagement session with their photography packages. since they do both photography and videography, we might be able to add on additional packages later if our budget ends up being more flexible.


ashlee, one of my bridesmaids, is also getting married and has been sharing awesome insights with me. it’s really fun getting to plan and discuss wedding stuff together! she recommended this dress customization site to me, where you can build your ideal dress! it was fun answering questions and figuring out what i want in a dress. lately a lot of people have been asking me if i know what i’m looking for, and now i finally have an idea. i’m going dress shopping sometime at the end of may so i can at least see what works on my body type, but this is the style i’m looking for.

Blank 4 x 2 in

i did, however already select my wedding shoes! i’ve heard and read that the biggest regret purchase for the bride is her wedding shoes. women tend to get shoes specifically for the big day that can never be worn again. i couldn’t imagine dropping hundreds of dollars for a one-time-wear pair of shoes, so i set my budget to less than $100. after endless hours looking online for perfect, yet cost effective wedding shoes, i realized i already have the perfect dream shoes. a few years ago, i bought these beauties while i was still working at kate spade. i wear them every year for my birthday, and as good luck for all my auditions. they are also so incredibly comfortable, i can be in them all day. i already own them, love them, and i don’t have to worry about breaking them in, so why wouldn’t i use them?


we’re planning for our engagement photo session sometime at the end of may, and once that’s done we’ll be done with our first block of tasks! i know i’m supremely ahead of the game, but i prefer to be a super planner. if i can have my entire wedding planned months early, i’ll be thrilled.

only 18 months left until “i do.” Xx

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