the model of a modern major general

hello friends! life is still suspiciously good, and things are as exciting as ever.


with all the notes i’m taking in my libretto for mamma mia, i decided to treat myself to come cute writing supplies. i’m ridiculously obsessed with this store that sells cute little items. i treated myself to a pencil pouch, two pencils, a tri-pen, and a lazy cat eraser. it makes me so happy to use them, i think i’m going to go back and get even more later.

image (1)

it was mardi gras last week, and my new company really makes an emphasis on “fun.” they’ll take any reason they can to party, and as such, that included getting king cakes for mardi gras and enjoying finding out who got the baby. the cakes i got were so cute, but i think the taste isn’t much for me. for the first time in my life i thought something was too sweet.

image (8)

miemo’s birthday was last week, also. it weighed on me all week, thinking about how she would have been 35. by chance, i happened upon her jersey from when she was a new sister of the sorority. since it was her birthday, i decided to wear it to dance rehearsal. she gave me this jersey as a gift several years ago; she made sure that all her littles got one article of her personal letters. i’m imagining her having a wonderful birthday in heaven.

image (3)

one of my coworkers took me to her favorite local bubble tea spot. as is with all of these dessert shops, the decorations were minimalist and cute! the food wasn’t my favorite but the bubble tea was immensely delicious. i didn’t think i would finish it, but i did!

image (2)

just a random shot of leah, looking especially cute one morning.

image (4)

tony and i had a long awaited date night on friday! we made a whole evening of it and headed out to rockville to see a light opera. we originally planned to eat at iron age, a korean bbq restaurant, but it had an hour wait time so there was no way we could eat there before the show. we ended up stopping by this food court with all kinds of different asian cusines. i was excited to finally try takoyaki and enjoy some ramen. the food was what you’d expect for asian-fast-food, but i still liked what i ate. the dessert we got (which i ate so quickly i forgot to take a picture, darn it!) was beyond exceptional. i almost want to go back just for the taiyaki!

image (5)

after dinner we made it to vloc’s performance of pirates of penzance. one of my friends was a lead in the show so we made the trip out to see it. it was tony’s and my first opera and we absolutely loved it! the plot was hilarious and all the performers did a great job telling the story. i’d heard about pirates of penzance several times but had never gotten to see it so i was excited to have an excuse to go out and enjoy it with tony.

image (6)

my nephew turned 15 at the beginning of the month. tony and i planned to take him to dave and buster’s as his birthday present but scheduling conflicts kept causing us to push it back. we finally went this weekend and we all had a blast!

image (7)

they boys all indulged me with some photobooth time, but it seems they all ended up having a lot of fun taking the pictures. we played a lot of games, ran around, and got mcdonald’s for dinner. they got some pretty decent prizes and it will be our new thing to go when we can!

Blank 7 x 5 in

also, one of my best friends turned 7 this weekend! she is a leap day baby, so her birthday only comes once every four years. she threw a super fun party and tony and i made sure to be there even though we both aren’t big party-people. (i was drinking water and tony was drinking ginger ale, haha) it was so nice spending time with her and seeing some old friends from my college days.

as usual, the week closed out with mamma mia dance rehearsal all day on sunday and the new week came before i knew it. the week has been shaping up great so far and i’m hoping i’ll actually get some rest this weekend.

sending you all the best vibes today Xx


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