matcha march

holy moly, it’s already march! the year is going by so quickly, and i love it. things have been crazy busy in the best way and i’m finding the small joys in life are so abundant lately.

image (9)

it was “super tuesday” last week which meant it was time to vote for the democratic party representative in virginia. i debated for a while whether or not i was going to vote but i finally settled on a candidate and did my civic duty! afterwards, tony and i had an impromptu date and i got to try this matcha sweet tea, it was pretty good!

image (10)

it’s international women’s month, and so our office is doing a clothing drive for a local charity. i really love how much emphasis my new company puts on giving back to the community! people brought a lot of stuff to donate so i was really motivated to go through my own closet and bring some stuff. it’s been a while since i did a purge and it honestly felt really good!

image (12)

i was able to schedule a quick dinner with leta! it’s been a while since we had a one-on-one in person so we got pho and caught up on everything. i’ve really missed her! sometimes quality time with your best friend is exactly what you need to pick yourself up.

image (11)

my new job allows doggie visits, so i’ve decided to take leah with me on fridays to socialize her a bit. last week was the trial run. she came with me to work and during the drive wanted to sit with me in the car because she was so nervous – she doesn’t like car rides.

image (14)

i wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but it was great! she was a really good girl, had no accidents and behaved. everyone absolutely adored her and kept coming by my desk to visit her. it was honestly nice having her with me so that’s going to be her new friday treat.

image (15)

i had a ked’s coupon because i recently purchased some casual wedding shoes from them. i’ll show them to you with my next wedding planning post, but for now here’s the shoes i got with my coupon! i was really intrigued because these are supposed to be machine washable, which is super ideal for me since light-colored shoes get so dirty. hopefully it was a good choice! (side note, they’re super comfy.)

image (17)

tony and leah were so tired after a long friday so they both passed out cold. i gave her a nice thorough bath on friday night so she was allowed to sleep with us just that night. sharing a full-size bed with a grown man and a pup that likes to spread was not ideal, but we made it.

image (16)

on saturday i was able to have an entire girl’s day with pia and tiffy. it was awesome! we made a fire, painted on some canvases, had a michaels and pho adventure, and built a puzzle while watching bad tv. it was just so nice to be with them all day. i ended up doing the puzzle all on my own, but i was able to finish it in just about an hour. it was 500 pieces so i was pretty proud of myself.

as always, rehearsal owned my sunday and this week in particular was especially exhausting. it’s really helped me get my butt into gear so i’ve started working out and counting calories again. i’m really trying to take my weight loss journey more seriously, so wish me luck!

good luck with the week ahead! with daylight savings, i’m sure we all need it. Xx

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