despite the chaos

hello loves! things have been really strange lately, haven’t they? with covid-19 rampaging around the world, shutting things down left and right, it’s no surprise that everything’s out of wack. i couldn’t find any motivation to write, but with i’m not going to forget my goals, so here i am, with my weekly blog post!


last week we kicked off national women’s day with a candy bar at the office – i was pretty proud of the selection, so i wanted to show it off.

image (1)

daylight savings in spring always means we lose an hour – i did not take it well. i spent all of last week cranky and tired.

image (2)

my new company does a team puzzle that everyone can contribute to. we were able to finish this bad boy in just three days. puzzles are my obsession so you can probably already guess that i spent quite a bit time on this one.

image (3)

before social distancing became the most emphasized topic in virginia, i was able to enjoy my annual tradition with tiffany and spend a day at spa world with her and our significant others. it was tony’s first time and he absolutely loved it! we did face masks and enjoyed lazying around.

image (5)

tony got to try choong man chicken for the first time – i was so happy to go back.

image (4)

one of my coworkers noticed that i enjoy practicing calligraphy in my free time. she has birthday parties coming up and asked me to make the chalk boards for them. i was nervous at first, but once i got started it became a big pet project for me. maybe this can be something i do for fun in the future?

image (8)

once social distancing became full blown, everyone in my office started working from home. due to the type of work i do, i still needed to come into the office. to avoid feeling lonely, i’ve been bringing leah with me everyday. she keeps me company during the long days of paperwork and scanning.image (6)

honestly, i’m glad i’m still going to work each day. the routine is keeping me sane in all the craziness. i’ve been experiencing much more anxiety than normal and as someone who lives for planning and controlling the situation, this has been a really difficult time for me. the good news is despite everything going on in the world, the flowers still bloom with the coming of spring, and that gives me comfort.

image (7)

tony and i celebrated our one year anniversary this week! a year ago i wouldn’t have imagined that we’d be engaged, about to move in together, and we’d be stuck in the house together every night. i’m so happy to be with him, though, in these difficult times. for our anniversary i got us some body pillows. hisoka is his, dazai is mine!

image (15)

and on a final, sad note, with the situation being what it is right now, the decision was made to cancel mamma mia. as you can imagine i’m immensely saddened by this, but i loved every minute. even though the show never came to stage, i’ll write all about it regardless just like i do all my shows.

sorry if this post was a little more muted, times are hard right now – especially for an extrovert like me. i hope you find joy in the little things in the coming weeks of uncertainty. sending you all my love. Xx

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