keeping sanity

it’s mid-may and i haven’t been doing such a good job at keeping up with my blog. i wish i could blame it on something covid related, but truly i’ve just been lazy. unfortunately one of my goals for the year has really fallen wayside, but that’s okay – it’s a strange time, so i’m going to go ahead and forgive myself.

image (5)

i’ve adjusted to social distancing pretty well, which i’m surprised to say. as an extrovert i still get some down days, but i’ve started to finally figure out how to cope with those days and so things are getting easier as the days go by.

image (4)

tony and i have mastered communicating our down days, and we’ve been lucky that we never have one at the same time. one of the things we’ve been practicing is saying “okay, it’s your turn to feel down today.” tony is definitely introverted, but being stuck at home has started to affect him, too. it’s a good thing we’ve gotten so in sync, because supporting each other has made this easier. honestly, i think i fall for him even more each day since this whole thing has started.


life is full of animal crossing and naps! i’ve been staring at screens so much lately (between work and playing video games) that i decided to try out some blue light glasses. so far, so good. it’s not as tough to stare at the screen – so hopefully they’re working!

image (3)

i’ve also been writing letters and sending cards to my loved ones. i’m trying to stay productive and go for a long walk once a day to keep active and sane. daily phone calls with my friends have also really helped a lot! i can tell that i’m a little more irritable and petty than normal, and that has definitely been a challenge, but otherwise, i’d say i’m doing really well – considering.

image (2)

tony and i have been really focused on our next big project: my move! i’ve packed all of my things but we can’t bring them over to his place until next month as there’s currently no room with his roommates still at his place. i’m living there full-time now, but i don’t have all my stuff, which honestly stresses me out a bit. we’ve been talking about our diy projects, such as painting the walls, refinishing the floors, and getting the carpets professionally cleaned. i’m so excited to start decorating and really make our house a home. we’ve already started cooking dinner each night, which really makes me happy. i enjoy cooking and tony actually likes my food and finishes his plate every night.

image (1)

aside from that, i have exciting things planned over the next few weeks, which really has helped my mood quite a bit. one project i’ve accomplished recently was moving all of my pin collection from my miss job’s daughter sash to a corkboard. it turned out really nice, and now my thirst for enamel pins has grown – which i’m not sure is a good or bad thing.

Blank 11 x 8.5 in

i also took the plunge and cut my own bangs – they were a bit short at first, but they grew out pretty quickly so it all worked out! tony keeps saying how he has never appreciated a haircut more – i tried to cut his hair a few weeks back and it went terribly.  the good news is we’re mostly at home anyways, but tony really misses his barber.

Blank 6 x 9 in

i’ve been spending a lot of virtual time with tiffany, one of my best friends. she’s been pretty god sent since this whole thing started. each night is filled with new adventures and watering each other’s plants on our respective islands. i’ve been debating an entire animal crossing post but we’ll see. i’ll have to actually download the images from my switch!

Blank 3.5 x 2 in

i’ve really become a dog mom – which i don’t know if i like or not. i’ve always been a cat person but since i spend so much time with leah now, she’s become my dog. we walk together, go on runs together, and i take her to work with me each day. her company in my empty office does help a lot, and i guess my slight show of affection has a lot to do with that.

image (6)

life is mysterious and wonderful and i’m trying my best not to forget that. one morning i stumbled upon a woodpecker – which i’d never seen before! i wonder if it came out of the woodwork (haha) because people have been staying inside. i was so excited that i took a picture (though i was very far away, so sorry for the quality.)

when i think about these small things i get so happy. no one can really say life is great right now, but i’m definitely learning to appreciate little things. i hope you all stay safe and healthy. Xx

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