lemon ricotta pancakes

before i knew it, the week came and went. it’s funny because the beginnings of my weeks are pretty slow, while the ends are full of adventure after adventure.

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ever since i moved out of my brother’s house, i’ve been missing my nephews a ton. it’s been weird not getting to talk to them each day and see how they’re doing. so i decided to start going over there on thursdays just to spend some time with them. on thursdays, my sister always make sinigang, a traditional filipino dish. it’s one of my favorites!

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after dinner, the boys and i were trying to figure out what to play together and we settled on the oregon trail card game. i was surprised that they made a card game version of this game, but it was actually pretty fun. it was really unforgiving, though, and offed the youngest of my nephews with dysentery twice!

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saturday brought the cherry blossom festival in dc. cammy invited me out to take pictures, and so of course i wouldn’t say no. she did an amazing job taking solo and couple pictures for me. of course we also took quite a few together. i can’t wait to share all the photos with you!

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i was surprised by how many flowers still remained even though it rained quite a bit this week. it was such a beautiful day – the perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. and even more so, the company was beyond words. i’m so happy i got to spend such precious time with them.

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saturday evening i went to dave and buster’s for the very first time. i’ve always wanted to go, and so i took my chance now that one just opened up locally. i went with all my friends from volleyball and we had such a good time! i’m especially addicted to the coin drop games. i’m actually really good at them.

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on sunday morning, we rolled out of bed super late and took leah for a walk. she’s such a sweet girl and really enjoys playing fetch. please excuse my bummy outfit – i didn’t expect to want to take pictures but the weather was just perfect and the feeling was right.

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even though we got out of bed so late, we were still able to make it to brunch. there’s a lovely restaurant called first watch that tony loves, so he took me there. the aesthetic was what you would expect of a brunch spot, and i absolutely loved it.

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the food was absolutely spectacular, which i see why he was so excited to take me there! i order lemon ricotta pancakes and they were absolutely sublime. i don’t think i’ve ever had a fluffier pancake. everything was so delicious, i can’t wait to go back.

i can’t believe how full my days have gotten. there’s always a new adventure around the corner and before i know it the hours are gone. each week i feel more thankful than the last. happy tuesday, everyone – hope your week is on the up and up ❤


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