to your core

i always thought love was this passionate, explosive thing.

between the intense emotion and the obsession, there was always screaming and fighting, with brief calms between the storms. chasing someone until two in the morning, threatening that things were over – pure drama. that’s the love i’ve lived.

but now it’s so calm, i can barely believe it. it’s as simple as a touch or a glance. quiet spring nights under the stars. it’s feeling your hand in the car, or your soft breath in the morning. it’s hearing you say of course, and not feeling frightened when you say goodbye. no longer checking for you at every hour, just patiently waiting until you appear again. have i ever felt so at peace before?

but beneath the stillness, there’s such strength. and that sheer vigor allows for the tranquil days ahead. perhaps it’s just our two souls meeting after searching for so long.



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