new beginnings

happy monday, everyone. as expected, last week was utterly amazing! but as i predicted, there were a few hiccups.

Mobile Image4.jpg

i was better about going to the gym in the beginning of the week. i was proud to have done three miles, as i’m trying to get myself ready for all the 5ks i’ve signed up for this year.

Mobile Image.jpg

but of course, things don’t always go as planned! at wednesday night’s volleyball game i rolled my ankle very badly, i’d say it’s borderline a sprain. i’m really fortunate that it wasn’t more serious, and even now i feel like it’s almost healed. this caused quite a bit of stress, however, because i had the impending move over the weekend. luckily, tony took care of me from the moment i was injured, icing my foot and assuring me that the move would go smoothly.

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on friday, my friend ashlee picked me up from work (driving in my boot is such a pain!) so we could get lunch and catch up. ashlee is currently in pa school in richmond, so i rarely get to see her. i’m glad that we are able to get together whenever she’s up in northern virginia. seeing her was so refreshing and we were even able to enjoy some cute desserts.

Mobile Image2.jpg

before i knew it, it was saturday morning. i got help from my friends and my mom to pack up my truck and unload. i’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed that i filled up an entire 10′ truck on my own. since i wasn’t as mobile as i wanted to be, tony coordinated a lot of the moving – i’m so lucky!

Mobile Image3.jpg

the move went really well, so on sunday tony and i spent the day arranging everything around the townhouse. we took a break in the afternoon to grab some pho. spending time with him this weekend made everything almost stress-free.

Mobile Image4.jpg

so finally, my room was finished before i went to bed last night. i was able to arrange all of my stuff in a way i like, and make the space truly my own. the rest of the townhouse looks pretty fantastic – but my roomies and i still need to figure out how we want to decorate the walls, so you’ll just have to be patient and wait for those pictures.

Mobile Image.jpg

i can’t imagine this weekend going any better (except maybe without the ankle sprain, haha.) things went so well, and i’m able to start this week with no anxiety or worries. life has really begun to fall into place, and i couldn’t be more thankful. i have a really good feeling about the days ahead and i hope you do, too. ❤

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