as i mentioned in my weekly blog post the other week, i went into the city to see the cherry blossoms during peak bloom. the tidal basin was absolutely crowded, but we were able to see so many beautiful flowers and the weather was absolutely perfect.


at first, cammy invited me to come out so she could take pictures with her new camera. she knows that i have a blog and offered to get some nice shots of me to post. of course i took her up on that offer.

56675238_1237292019752573_1966573973315518464_n (1)

we started off wandering around looking for all the different places to take pictures. of course the best spots had the most traffic, but we were able to find charming spots all around without struggling with lines too much.


tony joined in on the photo shoot, and was very supportive. he sometimes doubted the poses i came up with, but in the end he always ended up thinking that they were cute!


we found a low-hanging branch that got quite a few visitors. i was a little nervous a few times when several people sat on it all at once, but the tree was so welcoming.


i honestly had so much fun taking solo pictures. it’s been a while since i’ve had the opportunity.


cammy has been one of my closest friends for almost seven years now. i’m very fortunate to have her. not only is she amazing behind the camera, she’s stunning in front of it, too!


of course we had a few couple shots with the branch, too. at this moment, tony said something really funny so my smile is actually really genuine!


sorry to be gushy, but he totally gives me butterflies! i was glad we were able to find such good spots to take pictures despite the crowds.


cammy was really exceptional at posing us, too. i can’t even count on two hands how many times she ordered us to look at each other.


there were quite a few trial and error shots, but in the end we were able to capture perfect moments.


later we wandered closer to the water and found a tree that still had pink flowers! of course it wouldn’t be a photo shoot without some candids and test shots for lighting.


after we had grown impatient from the throngs of people around the solo pink tree, we wandered up the rail to find a slightly less suffocated spot.


as you can see, the flowers were significantly lighter, but still beautiful none-the-less. i still can’t believe the amount of people there that day – i’m sure you can see from the background.


despite the hustle and bustle, we were still able to have a few tender moments together – and cammy did an amazing job capturing it.


cammy and i met when we joined our sorority in the same semester. she’s been an irreplaceable friend ever since then. here we are throwing up our kappa k’s!


i’m so incredibly lucky to have her and i can’t thank her enough for all the beautiful photos! i was able to make some truly special memories that sunny afternoon.

here’s to many more beautiful spring days ahead ❤



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