spring has sprung

each week just gets better and better, how can this be?

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last week started off with spending time with tony. i really like us “three stripe ganging” together. my feet are so much smaller than his, but our shoes really look cute side by side.

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spring has sprung and of course that means pollen allergies. the up side is each year my allergies get a bit better, and so i’m able to truly appreciate the flowers blooming a little more. this is the same type of tree that was in the front yard of the house i grew up in, so each year seeing it bloom is bittersweet.

Mobile Image3.jpg

my ankle was finally feeling better enough for me to hit the gym again this week! i was able to run two miles on it – i just struggle with side-to-side motions. so that was huge progress! i’m glad that i’m able to start working out again. the best part was that tony was there with me.

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the weekend brought a sleepover with leta! it was her birthday this week, so obviously i needed to see her and spoil her a bit. it was so nice just getting together and catching up the way we always do. we even wore our best friend shirts that we made several years ago. i’m really lucky to have her in my life!

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after our hangout, i went to a callback audition for a local musical. i auditioned earlier in the week and was thrilled to be considered for an actual role. i tried my best, though i feel like perhaps it may not have been enough. that’s okay, i’m glad i put myself out there – now only time will tell!

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that evening, tony took me on a date to this fantastic italian restaurant. the pasta was absolutely delicious, and i had so much fun just enjoying the food with him.

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afterwards, though we were already ridiculously full, we went ahead and ordered dessert. i am in no way exaggerating when i say that this was the absolute best tiramisu i’ve ever had in my life. it was homemade and melted ever-so-perfectly in my mouth. i savored every bite, and enjoyed it to the point that i almost cried.

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sunday was a cloudy day, but a productive one. i was able to get a lot of stuff around the house done, but still relax! this upcoming week is going to be very busy, also, so wish me luck. good luck to you as well in the week ahead ❤

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