march 2019 goals

march has come and gone, and if my weekly blog posts weren’t evidence enough, it was a complete whirlwind! of course regardless of how busy i was, my goals couldn’t be ignored. i worked really hard to balance my new relationship and my move to my new home, so of course i wasn’t able to reach my goals the way i wanted to.


as it goes, it was par for the course, and i only accomplished two of my three goals. either way i’m proud that i got as much done as i did, considering i was rarely home and then packing and unpacking for a good chunk of the month.

finish 1q84 by murakami

Mobile Image.jpg

i picked this book up when the bookstore didn’t have no longer human in stock. looking back, picking up such a thick book was probably not the wisest decision right off the bat. i think if i had had more free time this month i could have accomplished my goal of finishing this book, but as you can see i’ve barely made a dent in it. the book is by no means boring, but it is a very rich text, so it does require more concentration than most leisurely reads. i hope i can conquer this book soon, murakami is such a fantastic writer!

friendship bracelets

Mobile Image1.jpg

quite a few years back i made some friendship bracelets, and for whatever reason i got an itch to make some again. i can only do very simple patterns, but i think it’s the thought that counts. i wanted to make five total, but was only able to accomplish two. unfortunately i messed up on the length twice, so i actually made four bracelets – if i hadn’t messed up i might have actually finished all five! but at least i started, so i’m happy with that.

compile poetry


i’ve been writing poetry for a long time, though it hasn’t always been very good. during purging, i found my old notebook full of poems i wrote back in middle school and high school. some of them i was pretty happy with, so i decided i should save them. i ripped the pages out, and told myself i needed an actual organized document. so i finally typed everything up and organized them. one day, i hope my poems can transform into a real book.

Mobile Image3.jpg

so we’re full swing into april, and i have a couple goals i need to start knocking out. since a lot more things in life have settled down, hopefully i can get three for three this time!


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