i’ve had a cough for a couple days now.

this weekend it became almost unbearable, so last night i took some medicine and knocked out early hoping i could rest up before i went to see the doctor today. of course, after seeing her, i learned i have bronchitis. this is my first time knowingly having bronchitis, and a cough this terrible. she prescribed some antibiotics and steroids since it’s clear that i’m not kicking this on my own.

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i’m sporting a mask around the house now because i don’t want to get my nephews sick. i keep asking my friends if i look cute with it on, no one will humor me.

i figured since there’s nothing i can do but lay in bed, i would write a little something before going to sleep again.

i’m terribly sad that i can’t go to volleyball tonight, and i’m feeling rather guilty for missing work today. but alas, what can you do?

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lately i’ve been listening to this artist, city girl. the albums she makes are so calming and great to listen to before bed. i’m hoping to buy her albums soon so i can add them to my phone and listen to them anytime. after discovering her, i’ve also come across the artist who does her album artwork, vickisighs, and her art is so whimsical and fun. it’s amazing how just clicking on a few links can lead to discovering a bunch of new things that you love!

i had a jam-packed weekend and i’m sure being constantly on the go made my sickness escalate, but i have no regrets since i had so much fun. trying to focus on the good things are essential in recovery and i can’t wait to be back to 100% so i can continue my day-to-day lifestyle.

anyways, i hope you all have a great week ahead of you ❤

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