made for reality tv

happy wednesday, everyone! i decided to switch it up this week and do my weekly post a little later than normal. last week was so fun – i was much more social than normal. it was a real whirlwind and in fact- i was so busy having a good time that i actually forgot to take pictures at certain points.

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as you saw on monday, i was suffering from bronchitis most of the week, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. on tuesday night i went to a rowdy screening of twilight with one of my closest friends, pia. i wore a surgical mask while out to keep people from getting sick, but it was so much fun and i’m glad i pushed myself and went out to see it.

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i’d been craving cold soba all week – and if i’m craving something, i won’t rest until i get it! the noodles were delicious, as always. my friend even said that i basically “inhaled” them because i ate them so fast. i will admit, i was a bit frustrated after my meal because i didn’t get to savor them as much as i should have.

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later in the week i passed by the book store and picked up a few more poetry books. i finished my second read through of pillow thoughts, so i decided to pick up the second book since i loved the poetry style so much. michael faudet has always been a favorite of mine. i’d been meaning to pick up his book, dirty pretty things, because the poetry is both romantic and sensual. i finally decided to get it! i’m excited to read it.

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it was cold and rainy on saturday, so i indulged in some delicious pho! i couldn’t think of anything special to draw, so i made a little sriracha star since it’s finally christmas time.

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on sunday, i went to my second escape room, ever. i actually really really love them;  outside of the box puzzles are so fun. we did a titanic themed room, and we were able to finish with only one minute left on the clock! it was very nerve-wracking, but you can assume i am hooked now.

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after the escape room, we walked over the georgetown cupcake. their cupcakes are top notch, and they deserve the attention they receive. i have other cupcakes i love more, but i definitely won’t pass these up. i got rudolph red velvet, and shamelessly finished it in only three bites.

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i wrapped up the weekend with a bowling night with a huge group of friends. i was having a ridiculous amount of fun, so much so that i completely forgot to take a picture! after bowling, we headed back to someone’s place and had a mini game night. we played a game called, most likely to, and these are the cards i received. it gave me some introspection because although the cards are obviously extremes, there is some truth to them. regardless, i was happy to be among friends where we could be playfully honest with each other.

luckily the week ended with happy feelings, and with the bronchitis cough completely gone. i only have a few more antibiotic doses left, which i’m very glad about.

i hope you had a great week also! ❤

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