lately i’ve been really social, as i’ve mentioned on multiple occasions.

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when i was younger i always tried too hard to make friends, and as surprising as this may sound now, i had a very difficult time with it. i joined multiple groups and even rushed a sorority in college, hoping so much to make friends. in every situation i’ve only ended up with a few friends, if any at all. i was always discouraged and watched enviously as people always had these large groups they were a part of. i felt like i would never be someone with an abundance of friends.

now i know, quality over quantity, right? and besides, for almost a decade, i was in a relationship so it’s not like i had time to be friends with a ton of people.

well, life has a funny thing called timing. when i joined volleyball, i really joined because i wanted to be active and i loved the sport itself so much. i didn’t join hoping to make friends in any shape or form, but before i knew it, i made more friends than i could count on two hands.

not only that, i’ve already met some irreplaceable people – friends that i can see myself having for the rest of my life. and now i’m single for the first time and when i needed friends the most, i had them. it was almost as if everything fell into place so i could have such an amazing support system during such a huge transition in my life.

the reason i mention this now is because the other night i was driving home from a girl’s night with my friends, and i couldn’t help but think about how blessed and happy i am. that i’ve found people who care about me just as much as i care about them. that life is about more than finding love romantically, it’s also about the love you have for people who help make you better.

it’s striking to me how much i’ve changed in these past months. and i’m even more in awe by how each person in my life has influenced that in some way. how different would i be without just one of these people i now call my friends?

life is a funny thing – mysterious, amazing, and impossibly charming.

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