absolutely smashing

happy monday, everyone! last week was almost too eventful. i’m really enjoying time with my friends, but i’ve been so busy lately that i’m hoping to get some rest in this week, before the exciting things i have going on this weekend.

Mobile Image.jpg

the week started in an exciting way. tuesday night was girl’s night at one loudon. the christmas decorations are up, and i was very excited to pose with all the twinkling lights.

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we grabbed a table at bar louie and caught up on our latest news. it was so fun just being with girlfriends and gabbing about boys and life. each of them really inspires me.

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on wednesday night i met up with a different group of girlfriends and we got pho. since we were all meeting before our volleyball game, i drew a volleyball with my sriracha! i’ve really been focusing on investing in my friendships this week. it makes me really happy.

Mobile Image2.jpg

i left work a tad early this week to pick up a friend from the airport. on the drive, i noticed this really funny cloud pattern. i felt like the sky was totally smirking at me, and i couldn’t help but chuckle.

Mobile Image4.jpg

on saturday night i went to the mall with a friend and was excited to see the rainbow christmas tree up. it’s just so beautiful. the mall was packed, as one would expect for the season, but i was still able to get all the things i needed.

Mobile Image.jpg

i was also invited to a super smash party. the game came out last thursday, and so everyone has been very excited for it. my go-to character is kirby, and i was able to come in second a handful of times. i had so much fun that i really can’t wait to play again!

so many things happened this week, and i’m just so glad. the week ahead is pretty packed, too, so wish me luck!

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