a little something

hello all, i just thought i’d give you all a little update on the little things going on in my life.

Mobile Image.png

i’ve always been writing about events and the things i can take pictures of, so i thought i’d do something a little more lowkey.

it’s incredible what a good album can do for your commute. since my commute can take almost an hour lately, my playlist has been absolutely essential. i’ve been enjoying joji’s ballads 1 and billie eilish’s don’t smile at me. i’m going to have to start working on a new playlist for winter since my autumn one has started to feel a bit stale.

i started doing hot yoga again last week! i’ll be honest, hot yoga is absolutely soul crushing, but it really makes me feel like i can conquer anything the next day. (it also makes for a great night’s sleep.) i got this amazing groupon deal for a month at this studio, down dog yoga. their staff is amazing, and the flow they have in their basics class is great! it’s a good compliment to my volleyball activities.

Mobile Image_2.png

otherwise, i’m trying to find the good in each day. some days are definitely more challenging than others, but luckily i’ve got amazing friends to help keep my head above water. the holidays have always been pretty difficult for me, but i find this year i’m really starting to embrace the season. ’tis the season, right?

well anyways, just wanted to write a little something and send loving vibes your way. thanks for always reading and coming along on this journey with me. keep kicking ass this week ❤



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