the most wonderful time

another week, another set of experiences.

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this week was as busy as one could be. each night i had things to do – including taking time to be with my coworkers for the annual company dinner. we enjoyed a delicious meal at jr’s stockyard inn, which was beautifully decorated. i had a lot of fun catching up with all the remote employees who come into town for this dinner.

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the best part of this time of the year are all the beautiful lights. i went to reston town center to grab some drinks with my friends and i was just stunned by how the trees looked. i wish this kind of lighting was year-round.

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at the bar i got my usual, an amaretto sour. they decorated it with a cute dragonfly on the foam. i really enjoyed it! i may have drank a little too much, but it was a fun time. the tacos here are especially excellent – i recommend the portabello.

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this week also brought mail! i got a christmas card from my friend who is all the way in ohio. i was really excited to get this, and loved the note on the inside. then, another friend of mine had a little vacation in orlando and she sent me a postcard. it’s always great to get things in the mail that aren’t bills.

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friday was the most stressful work day of the year – it was our annual holiday party. i’m in charge of the event and it’s always a monster to plan. luckily, this is my third go-around so i felt a lot more prepared than years past. the venue turned out absolutely beautiful, and honestly everything was breathtaking.

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dress – kate spade ; shoes – cole haan

i got all dressed up, so of course i took some pictures. unfortunately, since my dress was a bit snug i couldn’t eat as much delicious food as i had wanted. but at least i felt fabulous!

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one of the executives held an after party at his house. i was utterly exhausted, but i decided to come by for a bit to wind down. the party was so much fun, and i got to play some billiards. i did leave at a reasonable hour, while the party was in full swing.

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part of the reason i wanted to be a bit more responsible was because i participated in my first volleyball tournament on saturday! we definitely did not win, since our team was more casual, but we had a lot of fun! i was able to practice a lot and get better at my setting.

sunday was spent winding down, which i’m glad. i needed it. this week will hopefully be a little more low key than the last.

did you all have a good week? ❤