a busy week

last week was quite the adventure – so much so that i think it caused my cold to turn into bronchitis. of course, i can’t complain, i had so much fun.

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my friend recently got me on this huge pierce the veil obsession, and i’ve been listening to this particular album at least once a day. the lyrics really hit close to home with me, and i love the melodies a lot. discovering new music has become a great joy lately, and it’s great to fall in love with new artists.

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on wednesday i was surprised with a care package from my dearest friend, ardenis. she recently went to an event for hair food and sent a little package over for me as a thanksgiving gift! i’m really excited to try out these hair products. sometimes i can’t believe i’m so blessed to have a thoughtful friend like her.

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thursday was thanksgiving, and it was quite a fun holiday indeed! i wrote about all the things i’m thankful for, and got to enjoy some time with friends during the day and then dinner with my family. i had drank and ate so much that i ended up with a food coma. i passed out for a couple hours on the couch, but overall i’d say the day was a success.

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on saturday i took a roadtrip down to williamsburg with one of my best friends, ashley. the weekend after thanksgiving is always the annual virginia job’s daughter pageant. five years ago i competed in this pageant and won! i try to come down to the pageant each year, (i’ve only missed one so far) and so i was excited to spend time with all the beautiful girls of virginia job’s daughters.

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of course with any trip to foreign territory, we got a little lost on the way to hooters on saturday night. i took a wrong turn and ended up on this super sketchy road. ashley was very alarmed and wanted us to turn around immediately. i love the idea of spooky adventures, but after much protest from her, i took my picture for the memory and turned around. i’m still wondering what was at the end of this long gravel road…

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the weekend wrapped up with my majority ceremony for the organization. i was four years overdue for it, but i’m glad it finally happened! since pageant and the ceremony was so eventful, i’m planning a post just for that, so stay tuned.

i’m finally back at work today, complete with a mask to protect my coworkers from bronchitis. hope you’re all doing well so far ❤

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