giving thanks

this year thanksgiving will be much different than any year i’ve experienced. it’s the first year i have to be introspective because instead of being thankful for a partner that completes me, i have to be thankful for myself.

as i’ve said before, trying to love myself has been a challenge that i felt was insurmountable. i was daunted by the task of finding out who i am, and what i want. ironically, this day also marks a month that i have been on my own, and so i want to take a moment and reflect on all the good things there are in my life.

today i’m thankful for myself. i’m thankful that i can take the time to really meet me.

i’m thankful for volleyball, and all the things that have come with it. not only has my physical health gotten better since starting, i’ve made amazing friends – some who are irreplaceable already. it’s a passion that i found all on my own, and it’s something that i can without a doubt smile about.

i’m thankful for my job, and the fact that after two and a half years, i can still love it so much. not only is the job and company amazing, my coworkers are beyond stellar. i won’t be so corny to say we’re like a family, but there are definitely people i work with that i know i can trust and rely on – and that’s monumental.

i’m thankful for my family and friends. with everything that has been going on, i’ve been blessed by loved ones checking on me, and giving me somewhere to go when i need it the most. each day i’m reminded that i have so much love in my life – and it’s really thanks to them.

i’m thankful for my choices. every error i’ve made has brought me here, and i’m actually pretty okay with that. i don’t have any regrets, and i’m so thankful that i met and loved the people i did – even if they didn’t work out. each step was necessary, and even more so, important.

there are so many things in this life to be thankful for. sometimes i am overwhelmed by my emotions and the difficulty of the day-to-day, but on days like today, i have to stop and remember all the things that make life so worth living.

happy thanksgiving, everyone. take a moment today and appreciate everything you have. ❤

3 thoughts on “giving thanks

  1. What a great list of things to be thankful for! And such a good idea to write it all out. I wish I were coordinated enough to be thankful for any kind of sporty activity, but any game of volleyball with me would just end up as a game of dodgeball.

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