go with the flow

i wanted to test out how good the iphone x camera was, so i decided to take pictures of our office’s fish tank. the depth from the water and the way the light hit everything made for and great test subject. i even took an hdr video and i was so amazed by the quality!

Mobile Image2

swim shady was very excited to get attention. when i started, i tried capturing a few shots of him and the shrimp together, it was difficult because every time he gets close to them, they dart off in the opposite direction. i did end up putting some saran wrap on the top of the tank (with holes in it of course) so that the shrimp wouldn’t come out of the tank and die on my desk anymore.

Mobile Image3

eventually, swim came down to the shell to pose for me. i was excited that he was really getting into it. i was bummed that the reflection from the glass messed up the shot a bit, but i’m still glad swim was so playful.

Mobile Image4

this is my favorite shot i’ve ever gotten of swim. the light hit him just right, and i was able to capture it just in time. he really shines in the spotlight. i think he had just as much fun as i did.

Mobile Image1

i realized i was neglecting the shrimp a bit, so i moved down and caught this guy sitting still on the fake leaves. the picture is so crisp, and you can really  see the emphasis on the ghost shrimp with the contrast and focus.

Mobile Image3

i decided if i was going to picture the shrimp, i have to include our snails. the new mystery snail has had a tough time in our tank as swim has consistently bullied him. he stays closed up all day long, but i find him in a new spot the next day so i think he only comes out at night when swim is sleeping.

Mobile Image

i was able to get a nice picture of swim and the nitrite snail, dr. sne, together. he was busy cleaning the glass, and as you can see he’s gotten quite a bit of algae growing on his shell. this is the first picture i’ve gotten of the two of them together, so i was very excited that swim was co-operating.

Mobile Image5

finally, as you can see, swim in still picking fights with the outtake valve. it’s been very stressful for me since the current blows very harshly and swim always gets caught in it. you think he would learn.

Mobile Image2

it really amazes me how he is able to flare up his gills like that. i hope he drops the habit soon. do you all know a good way to discourage this behavior? all the articles i’ve read online have said he’ll get bored with it in time, but it’s been almost a year now.

anyways, i hope you enjoyed the pictures of swim and his friends in the tank. i figured a little update on them was due since the last one included suicidal shrimp. hope your day is great.

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