when the going gets tough

another week has passed, and as it comes to a close, i sit typing this in hopes i can release some tension. this week was difficult in more ways than one, but with each obstacle comes new understanding. perhaps i can discover something in writing my weekly update.

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after enjoying my much needed bubble bath last week, i realized i was almost out of bath bombs. as i mentioned, i love the lush bath bombs, and since i found myself in the mall on monday, i decided to pick some up. i went through the stores they had, and since mother’s day is coming up, there were many more rich florals for “mom” in the store. i had to resist doing all blue bath bombs since blue is my favorite color. i picked a pretty simple palette, but i will say i only got ones i haven’t tried before.

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for the past week i’ve been driving past this beautiful tree outside my neighborhood. it has rich pink flowers and on tuesday i finally had time to walk over and take some pictures of it. i was disappointed, however, that since the weather had become quite cold, the pink wasn’t as vivd anymore. i took pictures anyways, and i took a moment to remember that i live in such a wonderful area, rich in beautiful scenery.

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on wednesday, i finally started working on my puzzle for my april goal. i was feeling really overwhelmed since i didn’t start it until halfway through the month, and didn’t organize my pieces the way i normally would. once i start a puzzle i become obsessive and can’t stop working on it once i started. this helped me with some stress relief.

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last week i noticed i mostly took pictures of food, so this week i made it my goal to mostly picture things that weren’t food. i did enjoy some pho on wednesday, and drew a flower with my sriracha in hope that spring and warm weather would finally come and stay. i couldn’t help but snap a picture since the flower turned out so cute. i’m a regular at this particular restaurant, and they know me well enough not to ask my order anymore. it’s kind of embarrassing, but i decided i would focus on the fact that i’m special instead.

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i had some conflict happen from thursday through saturday, and this made it more difficult to pause and appreciate the things around me. it was stressful for those days, and i was so distracted by the things weighing on my mind that i mostly slept and couldn’t even really enjoy myself. i can get very high-strung, and when this happens i become painfully exhausted. when saturday evening came, i noticed these lovely flowers growing and living in harmony with the rocks. i thought to myself that this was a reminder that beautiful things are still happening when life gets rough, and i hoped that this picture would communicate that.

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on saturday night, bae took me shopping to ease my mind. he was so kind and playful during this tense time for me, and that made a huge difference. i decided to treat myself and finally upgraded my iphone 6s to the new iphone x. later that night i went to a karaoke bar with some girlfriends. the walls were decorated with elaborate art, and i was entranced by it. this is the first photo i took with my new and amazing camera. the lighting wasn’t great, so i feel like the phone’s camera capabilities were snuffed out a bit. regardless, i had a great time with my girlfriends and being with them helped lift my spirits.

although i found this week to be tougher than normal, i still found myself in good company and remembered to take care of myself. sometimes we get so lost in what is happening around us. i’m just lucky to have amazing people in my life to keep me grounded.

hope the next week is smooth sailing for you.


3 thoughts on “when the going gets tough

  1. I’m sorry you had tough a tough week! I hope this one is better. I had to laugh about the restaurant, as I’ve been “special” too. We used to have pizza nights on Fridays when the kids were little. Only one place delivered. I’d call & say, “Hi, this is Julie,” they’d say, “okay, see you in 15.” This was close to 20 years ago, & I still remember the phone number even though they went out of business. So enjoy your specialness!

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