tiny miracles

with may slowly creeping around the corner, april’s last full week began in its own interesting way.

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i spent the beginning of my week testing out my new camera on my phone. as you can see, the pictures are so stunning. i spent a lot of time experimenting with different angles, as you can see from my blog post from last week.

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the one thing i can’t get enough of from this season are all the beautiful trees flowering in my area. i always have an urge to take a picture of them when i pass one. i was waiting in a drive thru, and had a moment so i snapped a picture of this beauty.

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my friend at work had bought a bunch of star-shaped sprinkles, she let me try one – it was so yummy! it was so cute, i couldn’t help but take a picture. sometimes when things are small they seem even more adorable. sorry that the picture is a bit out of focus!

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i realized with may around the corner, that i hadn’t made new calendars for the upcoming months. i like to draw up cute calendars with each month so i took the time to make the next couple of months in advance. practicing calligraphy has given me such a sense of pride, and i’m really enjoying getting in touch with my more creative side.

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bae and i went to a korean bbq place called iron age. it was so delicious! if you ever go, i really recommend their namesake steak and the steamed eggs. i ate so much i got a stomach ache from being so full. i really thought i was going to explode.

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thursday was administrative professionals day and i was surprised with flowers on my desk when i came in to work. i’ve been so blessed each year on this day as people at work always take the time to make sure that i know i’m appreciated. the flowers even came with a cute shot glass (for watering them of course.) i’m a bit nervous, as i don’t have much of a green thumb – but i will do my best to keep these beautiful orchids alive.

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bae surprised me with a nendoroid of my “husbando” from haikyuu! i love his sassy expression the best, so i switched out the provided face plates for my favorite. i was beyond excited by this spur of the moment gift from him, and it made me feel so happy since it shows he really pays attention to the things i like.


on saturday, we went on a nice long hike in great falls. it was so beautiful and the weather was perfect that day. it wasn’t too hot, and it wasn’t too cold. the only down-side was that the pollen count was pretty high that day, so even though i took some medicine i was sneezing the whole time. in the end it was obviously worth it. i took a lot of pictures and plan to put together a detailed blog post later!


after our hike i asked him if we could go for a stroll in the nearby town center. there’s a lot of small boutiques and shops to look at. i was so excited because there was even a soft summer shower. my favorite weather is when the sun is beating down on your skin with a deep warmth while small water droplets trickle onto you with a cool sensation – it really makes you feel so alive. sometimes the simplest things are the most wonderful.

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on sunday i got pedicures with my sister in law and we enjoyed some sweet treats after. the shop we went to was so tiny and charming. i really enjoyed chatting with her and catching up on each other’s lives. we’d been planning to get together once the weather got warm, so i’m glad that spring has finally arrived.

this week was full of tiny miracles, and i was even spoiled a little with presents from people who care about me. did your april end in a calm and sweet way?

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