ksny march haul


in march, kate spade new york took us to charleston. bright florals, bumble bees, strawberries, and gingham ruled this collection. the soft whites are complimented by patterns that pop with color. considering charleston is rich in its fine culture, the styles this month truly mimicked that by being fun, interesting, and vivid. you can download the wallpaper each month on their tumblr blog.

be my honey tee


when it comes to t-shirts, kate does an excellent job of making a sure-fire statement out of something simple. i’m obsessed with puns, so when i saw “bee my honey” there was no way i could pass it up. the words and bee trail are embroidered while the bee is printed on with some glitter to really make it pop. not only is the shirt cute, it is so soft! as always, comfort is everything to me, so to have a shirt that makes me feel cute and cozy, i was beyond happy. i can pair this shirt with jeans, a black skirt, simple accessories, or something a little more bold – it’s really a perfect compliment to any ensemble.



gingham fiorella dress


it happened. i found my favorite cut of dress. the fiorella is everything i imagined in a dress cut and more. i was never really into gingham patterns, it was simple and i could see how it was popular, but this dress completely changed my mind. the pattern with the silhouette made such an impact on me. this dress hugs in all the right places and really highlights the feminine form. the fabric also breathes very well, even though the cut is very snug. the only critique i would give this dress is that since the sleeves are cut right off the shoulder, it makes it a bit difficult to lift your arms if you’re reaching above you. if the dress isn’t for you, they also have an adorable circle skirt, off the shoulder top, and blouse. i’ve seen all the pieces on, and i would definitely recommend them.


blossom tie neck top

when i saw this shirt on the hanger, i was not a fan. at all. but after some people encouraged me to try it on, everything changed. some things just belong on people and not on hangers. the website doesn’t highlight how bright this top is in person. i took two pictures from different lighting angles so you can see just how much of an impact this blouse makes. the colors are so fun, and after much experimenting, i was able to tie the bow just right to fit my personality. the shirt is 100% polyester, so it breathes well. Loose fitting for a nice flowy feel adds to the whimsical nature of this top.


scrunched scallops star large hoops


as you know from last month, i am very self-conscious about hoop earrings. when kate released these earrings, i felt a pang of longing. i thought the stars were so cute, but when i tried to imagine them on me and i got so nervous just thinking of how silly i would look that i immediately dismissed them. then one day, i saw someone trying them on and noticed they weren’t as gaudy looking as i had thought. i put them on just for a laugh and to my surprise, they looked adorable! i was so excited that i could actually pull these off that i bought them that same day. i guess you can say the stars aligned. the only downside with these earrings is that you can’t really wear your hair down or it will get caught in the hoops. but a high pony never hurt anyone!

i enjoyed the march collection a lot! the biggest disappointment for me was that there was no coin purse this month, and after seeing the strawberry novelty items i had hoped for one. there was a mix of everything in this collection, so i found things i liked, but i wouldn’t consider it to be my favorite collection from kate. i’m very excited to see what april has in store for us! if you enjoyed this post, check out my february haul.

what in the march collection made you swoon? ❤

*i am not sponsored or paid by kate spade new york to do these posts. i am just a fan of the brand. my opinions do not reflect the company’s position in any way.*

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