appreciate the pause


last night i got home from work at my usual time and as i was walking from my car to my front door, i relished how nice it was to be outside without a coat on. as i was walking i noticed that the trees in our complex had bloomed these really beautiful white flowers. i looked up to admire them and noticed a bright shining moon behind scattered clouds. the air was a light flowery scent, and as i stood there admiring the tranquility in this moment, a soft breeze blew by and i just felt so content and grateful. i thought to snap a quick picture, but since it was on my phone and there was barely any light the quality did not turn out great. i decided to post it anyway because it had a haunting charm to it. after i took the picture, i took in a deep breath and i was struck by how such simple things can bring about an unexpected pause in time. in that moment, as i stood there alone under the branches and clouds, i felt at peace with my life. everyday there are struggles and hardships and i easily get caught up in the miseries that life entails, but sometimes if you take a moment and just soak in the pause, you can realize that life, though mysterious and strange, is full of an amazing sense of wonderment and unpredictable beauty.

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