april 2021 goals

hello may! april was such a good month. it definitely had its ups and downs but i’m happy to say i consider it very successful!

i was able to accomplish all my goals this month – so i’m allowed to get myself a new keyboard for downstairs – but it turns out i might not need it anymore since it seems i’m moving back upstairs in the next month. (i’ve been working downstairs at another work station because tony got the office since we’re both working from home.) i may not be getting my reward this month but at least i know that i was successful!

i made a brand new recipe – paella! it was my first time, but it still turned out really good! i definitely have a few tweaks for next time i make it but i’m really proud of how it tasted. i also baked a chocolate cake – which was delicious! the only downside is i did not decorate it very well, so it looked terrible (thus, no picture!) i’m glad i was able to try two new things this month. i’ve increased my cooking and baking repertoire just a bit.

i don’t have a picture from when i went to the dentist. i was a little nervous the whole time since it’s the one situation i was without a mask around strangers, but i did it!! i have to get some work done, but overall it was a good trip. i’m glad i finally ripped off the band-aid and went.

i decided a picture of my closet would be weird – so you won’t get one, but i threw out so many boxes. so many. tony and i are the types of people who keep the boxes of our technology just in case, but after so many months, do you really need the box anymore? well the answer is a hard no. aside from that, i moved some drawers in, repacked my bag full of bags (yes, you read that right) and moved some miscellaneous items to their proper homes. now i don’t dread how that closet looks anymore!

may is here, and i’m challenging myself with four goals instead of three. all of these are definitely attainable, i just need to make sure i put my mind to it. hopefully this month will be another successful one and i can get myself a pretty board for my pin collection. fingers crossed for my success this month!

hoping you all are safe and healthy! Xx

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