may 2021 goals

i can’t believe it’s june! the year is almost half over and i can’t believe where the time’s gone. while i didn’t accomplish all my goals this month, i did go above and beyond in the ones i did accomplish so i feel like it evens things out.

my weight loss journey has been a very interesting one. there have been a lot of things outside of my control for the past few months, but with some changes, i’m excited to say i feel very optimistic for next month. i may not have lost two pounds this month, but i did maintain so i feel proud.

i didn’t read just one, but three books this month. i started Shadow and Bone for my company’s book club and fell in love! it only took me one week to finish all three books. i really enjoyed them and honestly, i’m sad they’re over. i started the netflix series, but i’m not impressed so i don’t think i’ll be continuing that. either way, i really recommend this series – it’s absolutely amazing!

tony and i have had a major change in plans for our honeymoon. we decided with covid being what it is, it’s probably best not to plan for international travel this year so we are going to hawaii instead! since we don’t need passports as soon as we originally thought and i figured it would be annoying to have to order another one once my name changed, i decided to postpone this goal until after i’m married.

i didn’t finish three, but thirteen centerpieces, meaning i finished them all! i was so happy when i was done because the center pieces have been the most stressful part of the process for me. i still need to update you all on the wedding details and how planning is going so i’m hoping to actually do that this month. it was a lot of work, but i’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

and now, june is here and i have three new goals for myself. i’m feeling really excited about all my goals, and i’m hoping that i can finally get my new pin board! (there’s nothing wrong with the one i have, i just want one that fits my aesthetic more.) here goes, everything!

stay safe and healthy out there! Xx

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