hi lovelies, spring is in full swing, and while i’m very happy for the sunshine and warmth, my allergies i could definitely live without.

i’m feeling really thankful lately, my life is almost filled to the brim with blessings. i have nothing to complain about! so much has been happening and as the world is slowly going back to normal, i’m finding my evenings filled again and that brings me so much joy!

i’ve gotten really into bullet journaling and washi tape. this new hobby has given me a lot of fun, creative things to try. tiffany really got me into the hobby (darn it!) and so now this is where all my money goes. haha.

i definitely have no issues with it, though, because i’m really enjoying myself. this spread, in particular, i’m very proud of! i’m hoping that i can continue filling these pages with designs and templates so that i’m even more organized as the year progresses.

dio is a little stinker as always. he recently had surgery (that’s why he’s wearing a shirt) but that didn’t stop him from being the rascal he is! he’s really such a highlight in my life and i’m so thankful each day that he’s my little cat.

some exciting news is that i got re-accepted into university and will be attending school again in the fall. i didn’t get to finish my bachelors the first time around because of finances, so i’m finally going back to school to finish! i’m planning on getting my BS in psychology, and i couldn’t be more excited. i am a little nervous about it because i don’t know how crazy things are going to get.

life is really good, and i just wanted to drop in to give a little update. i’m going to try to write more again, especially since life is picking back up. i actually have a bit of wedding planning stuff that i can’t wait to share with you. i can’t believe my wedding is less than five months away!

wishing love and happiness to you and yours! Xx

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