winter things

hello lovelies, it’s been a while since i did just a general update. i haven’t really written in months but i’m glad that i’m back in the swing of it.

covid christmas came and went without any big incidents. i was able to see my family because we did a two week quarantine ahead of time. i was really excited to be able to see them. even though we did the quarantine, we did still do masks and socially distanced to be safe!

i never thought i’d be worried about mask fashion, but here i am. this especially cute mask was gift from my boss, i was so surprised to find i had received a christmas present from her! i absolutely love it.

i’m still collecting pins, as usual. i’m thinking about upgrading my pin board to something a little more to my aesthetic. another collection that i’m planning on starting soon is washi tape – tiffany got me started and now i can’t seem to stop.

i’m still baking, which i’ve improved a bit and gotten new techniques! i baked two pies for christmas, which was loads of fun. they turned out to be a real hit – especially the pumpkin pie.

i spent new years with two of my closest friends, and we made cookies and decorated! i had a ton of fun and got to practice my icing skills. we made a ton of cookies, all of which i ate in a matter of days.

next thing i knew, it was my birthday so i celebrated with my favorite sushi place, burke fortune house. everything they make there is so delicious so i really recommend it!

i didn’t want a cake for my birthday – i wanted a banana split! it was really yummy – exactly what i wanted. i’m glad that i was able to spend my birthday in really great company and just enjoy turning another year older!

tony’s birthday present was especially wonderful this year. he got me a new pair of kate spade glitter keds (i have to get a new white pair each year because they get so dirty!) and then the iconic chanel perfume! i was so thrilled with both of my gifts, i use the perfume everytime i go out.

lastly on my winter adventure, i got to enjoy so matcha flavored ice cream (which is so good!) i had a really good winter, and can’t wait to tell you all about the lead up to spring.

talk to you all soon Xx

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