march 2021 goals

happy april! i can’t believe that another month passed so quickly, but here we are and i’m so excited to share with you.

march went pretty well, considering. i was able to accomplish two of my three goals – but i definitely need to be better this upcoming month.

i did it! i applied to george mason university and furthermore, got accepted! long story short, i had to leave school after only three semesters because i couldn’t afford to go anymore. it’s weighed on me for a long time that i don’t have a degree, and i always planned on going back to school, but i was daunted by the task of even applying. i did it, though, and now i’ve started planning my return. i’ve calculated the amount of credits i’ll need to graduate and how long it *should* take.

i didn’t reach my goal for my weight. i don’t have that many excuses except that i had a pretty crappy funk in the middle of the month and i stopped running or doing any exercise. other than that, i definitely could have done better. with the wedding less than 5 months away, i’m feeling the pressure to lose a little bit to make sure i can fit into my wedding dress! hopefully i can get my butt into gear this month and do a lot better.

i was able to reassess my plants, though! i went through and accepted the few that didn’t quite make it through the winter, and also repotted some of them. my monstera, in particular, is really happy! it’s grown three new big leaves in the past month and i’m so excited about it. after it gets a little bit bigger, i may try propagating a cutting again. we’ll see! i got a lot of plants from my new-hobby-enthusiasm, but i realized i can’t take care of too many, i don’t have that much of a green thumb. so i’ve started being more careful about getting new plants and taking care of the current ones.

unfortunately, i won’t be getting a new keyboard this month as i didn’t make all my goals. now before you say “don’t you already have a really pretty pink keyboard?” i actually have a second workspace in the house where i work from home for my actual job and i’m using a pretty old keyboard right now. i’m hoping to get that replaced so i can spruce up my little workstation.

and so april has a few simple goals to get me through the month. i have a lot on my plate as far as wedding planning so i didn’t want to be too overwhelmed. i decided to give myself another chance at getting a keyboard so we’ll see if i can pull through this month! i already reached out to a local dentist (my old one is so far away) so hopefully they get back to me soon for an appointment!

april is going to be an exciting whirlwind! as i prepare for going back to school, my wedding, and restart playing volleyball, i’m sure i’ll be as busy as ever! i hope to get a few more blog posts in so you don’t think i’ve up and disappeared! wishing you nothing but good vibes for the next month. Xx

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