february 2021 goals

welp, february didn’t go as well as i planned. even though i set pretty simple goals for myself, i found that i had a hard time motivating myself.

out of all the things, though, i was able to lose two pounds! i’m very excited because losing weight has been especially difficult during covid. i started running again in february and it turns out that was the change i needed.

i honestly think it’s time i let go of that new york painting – i’m not happy with how it’s looking so far and i think that’s why i can’t find the motivation to finish it. i think it’s time i paint over it with something else, but what? i’m going to have to mull that over for a bit and hopefully decide by april!

february was probably the worst month ever when it came to eating at home. i’m not sure why but tony and i went out or ordered in more nights than normal and didn’t get any homecooking in. we were able to shape up by the end of the month but by that time i’d completely forgotten about trying a new recipe!

and lastly, the dentist – i didn’t realize my dentist would have such strange schedules for appointments. i was hoping to go on a friday i already had off or a saturday, but they only took cleaning appointments on tuesdays or thursdays, and i couldn’t just take off work, so i was caught between a rock and a hard place. i really do need to get to the dentist, i’ve been too afraid to go since covid started, but i need to get over my fears!

so as you can see, no korean bbq for me this month – which is probably better because i spent a lot already and need to save some money! but that’s alright, i’m still feeling optimistic about march!

i dialed it down even more for march, so i don’t discourage myself. i’m hoping to lose two more pounds from february, re-apply to school, and reassess my plants. dio has been quite the menace to our plants, and now i need to figure out which ones i should keep and which ones i’ve got to accept it’s time to say goodbye to. it’s going to be an interesting march, but i’m hopeful!

it’s as difficult as ever to stay motivated these days but i’m trying my best! march is looking up, so hopefully i’ll have nothing but pride when i report back in april. i’m wishing you all the best – and although i didn’t accomplish all my goals, at least i’m trying! happy march, stay safe, friends Xx

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