2020 major goals

i’m back! finally! doing goals again! i’m so excited that i’m back in the game, not only with my writing but with my goals. i’m finally feeling motivated enough to kick my butt into gear and start accomplishing things again. with twenty twenty being as tough as it was, i didn’t do monthly goals, but i did manage to do some of my major goals.

image (1)

twenty-twenty was a tough year, for all of us. i only managed to do one of my goals, which was the big move. in may, i finally moved in with tony and we’ve been together ever since. i did manage to work towards my two other goals, but it didn’t work out quite as i would have liked.

i wasn’t able to get a blog post done each week. with all the deep lows i fell into while adjusting to quarantine, i just couldn’t find it in me to write – not to mention that there were no adventures being had. it was tough to find things to write about so hopefully this year will be better – and so far it already is!

as for the 10k, it just didn’t happen, but i did manage to run a 5k like i do every year, and that alone was exhausting! i want to try again this year, even if my time isn’t good, i want to run a 10k just to know i can.

so here we are, twenty-twenty one. and i’ve given myself four goals to conquer. i’m really excited, and hopeful for this year. i’m getting married, going to try to run a 10k, reach my goal weight, and finally hang out with my best friend at least twice a month.

my monthly goals are a lot easier for me to accomplish, but still a challenge non-the-less. i’ve had trouble losing weight so i’m actually quite nervous about losing two pounds, so wish me luck! otherwise, i think i can totally handle these goals, it’s just getting motivated that is the issue. if i can accomplish these, i’m heading to my favorite korean bbq place in march!

it’s been hard to stay motivated these days – especially with everything going on in the world. i’m trying my best and hopefully will have good things to report back once march comes. wishing you all the best Xx

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