but it was me, dio

it finally happened! i have a cat!

back in april tony finally approved me to get a cat. it was a really grueling process to figure out what kind of cat to get. i’m allergic, so i needed one that was hypoallergenic. we also have leah, our dog, so we needed a breed that gets along with dogs.

after a lot of searching, i found out that the balinese breed was exactly what i was looking for. i spent hours upon hours on adoption sites searching for a balinese, but it was almost impossible to find one. since i was unable to find one, i had no choice but to start looking into breeders in the area.

i found indigo cats of pa to be the closest balinese breeder in the area, and they had amazing ratings and certifications so i knew i wasn’t just buying from somewhere that does inbreeding, abusive conditions, or anything like that. i was surprised by how quickly the owner, lisa, got back to me. she was really personable and gave me a fully detailed explanation of how her cattery is run. the only downside was that the waitlist was long, i was looking at a wait of around eight months.

i resolved myself to wait, and finally, in december i got the call that there was room in the next litter for me! i was so estatic, i was finally getting my kitten!

december was spent prepping the guest room to be a cat room, getting collars, picking out a name, and just containing my excitement for the kitten to come. what i really loved about indigo cats of pa is that almost daily, lisa would post live videos of the kittens playing, so we got to watch our little kitten grow up and learn his personality early. for the name, we settled on dio because there’s a character from an anime that tony and i both liked that we felt would fit his mischievous personality.

january ninth finally came and we hit the road for the four hour drive up to pennsylvania to pick up out little boy. we were so impressed by how behaved he was in the car. he was nervous at first – a lot of mewing – but eventually he finally tired out and fell asleep. we were so in love with him already.

this saturday marks a month of having this big personality in our house. little dio is everything i dreamed of in a cat, i can’t say how much i love him already! the mornings are spent with him snuggling me to death because he’s so happy to see me. he’s really chatty and loves to talk. he follows me from room to room, and spends half the time playing, and the other half sleeping somewhere where he can see me – if not, on my lap!

i can’t believe how big he’s gotten in such a short amount of time. the best part is that he really is hypoallergenic! in the month i’ve had him i haven’t had a single reaction to him. no sneezing or itching as typical when i’m near cats. he was really worth the wait.

this friday marks his sixteenth week! this little stinker is only four months old. i have his last round of vaccine shots this friday and then i have to schedule to get him neutered. he’s still in his long and lanky phase, which i love, but i’m still excited to see him fill out over the coming months.

working from home has become even more joyous since he came into my life. his constant meows and snuggles make me feel amazingly calm while i’m working. he always wants to be near me, and honestly it makes me feel so happy and loved!

i can’t wait to share more dio adventures with you as he continues to grow and become even more of a personality. i even made him his own instagram account – @dio_the_balinese

here’s to more things to make us happy in 2021! Xx

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