wedding planning (pt 6)

we’re working on the details! i’m beyond excited about how all the little things are coming together.

my colors include an array of blues; teal, aqua, and baby blue. because of this, i had to make a decision on the flowers – i decided to go fake. i know that real flowers are more desirable, but you’d be surprised at how expensive they are! i know people who spent upwards of two-grand on flowers alone. i can’t even imagine how much more expensive blue flowers would be, and they wouldn’t even match my colors precisely. personally, i didn’t want to spend that much. i got this whole haul of fake flowers for around five-hundred dollars. i was really excited to get all of them. granted, i ended up spending a little more because i forgot to include foliage and more wisteria for the arch, it still ended up being far less than even a grand.

i am beyond thankful for tiffany and ashlee for coming over a couple of times and helping with the bouquets and arch. i’m really happy with how everything turned out. the only issue now is worrying about dust collecting on these beauties. i still need to make my cascading bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the centerpieces, but my decorations are really coming together!

despite the pandemic, tony and i were able to make an appointment at brilliant earth for wedding band shopping. we were really impressed by how their occupancy limitations and precautions made us feel safe. tony was easy, he found his band in less than five minutes, but i took several tries (i went through a whopping 27 rings) to find the perfect band. i really wanted something that would match my engagement ring but still look great on its own. we ordered them and now they’re sitting in our closet waiting for us to exchange our “i do”s.

a little early, but we also sent out our save the dates this past week! i went between two different designs for months until finally it was time to send them out. i really recommend designing your own and getting it printed by a company as postcard. it’ll save you a ton of money! if you use sites that advertise them as save the dates, they’ll charge you per card and it really racks up. i personally used and i was really happy with how the quality came out!

the last things we’ve been up to is finalizing the invitation designs. my sister in law, the one who made my bridesmaid proposal boxes, is helping us with invitations! we’ve been deciding on some presses and sizing. i’m really excited as the invitations are coming together. of course they’re not going out until june, but you all already know i like to plan ahead.

there’s still a good amount left to plan but i’m really excited! other exciting news is that i was able to raise my bridal party to six people again. tony and i decided there were some people we wanted to include, and made the decision together. he’s finally asked all his groomsmen if they’ll be part of our big day, so with that, our parties have been finalized!

trying to plan with the pandemic is a bit nerve-wracking. my most sincere prayer is that the world goes back to normal before fall this year so i can have my big day without any reservations. Xx

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