little joys

we’re on week four of social distancing, and somehow i’m managing a lot better than i was in the beginning. tony helped me get started on a ton of projects at home and it’s really making a difference.


one of the projects i’ve been working on are these chalkboards. i had a lot of fun doing them and i’d love to get a chalkboard as tony and i start marking milestones in our relationship and for our future family. i’ve begun realizing how much i love doing artistic things like this.

image (3)

i also got a gratitude journal, inspired by this video. i was kind of gambling to see if it would be worth it and so far, i’m really enjoying it! each day i need to go through at least three things that i am grateful for. it helps me really delve in and appreciate the little things. so far i haven’t missed a single day.

image (2)

i realized this weekend that tony and i have matching tumblers from our respective companies. it was really cute discovery.

image (1)

work has been productive, still, despite being all alone in the office. i’ve gone through a ton of old paperwork, scanned the necessary files, and then added them to the ever growing shred pile. it’s incredible to me how much paper has built up. it felt really good to sort and get through everything.

image (4)

lately i’ve been really embracing going on walks and runs outside. i tend to slightly regret it when i’m full of allergy sneezes when i get back inside, but i think all the sunlight is really good for me. some silver linings i’ve found during this strange time is that i really do enjoy doing creative activities. i also have gotten really used to “me” time, which includes long walks with classical music and anything and everything creative, whether it’s puzzles or painting. i’m really starting to learn different parts about me when i’m not keeping busy by planning constant social occasions. it’s refreshing.

this was pretty subdued, but so is life right now. i hope you’re all managing alright with all this craziness. don’t forget to find little joys in each day – that’ll really help, i promise ! Xx

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