delicate droops

hello friends, it’s another week and that means the weekend came and went. this weekend was especially refreshing – i got some much needed rest but i also got some social interaction and sunshine! now that the sun’s out, the isolation is getting a little more bearable.


tony and i drove out to leta’s place to join her for a walk. it’s a good way to be together but still respect the need for distance during the current pandemic. i’m a very physical person so i’d be lying if i said not hugging my best friend wasn’t difficult.


despite that, it was nice to put on a cute outfit knowing people would see, and having actual plans!


as narcissistic as i am, i took the opportunity to have a mini-photo shoot with all the flora that’s finally in bloom! i’m super appreciative to leta and tony for indulging my whims at the time by taking pictures and lifting me up onto this wall.


the walk around the lake really refreshed me. it felt like a completely normal day for the first time since social distancing began.


i took a ton of pictures of the scenery, so i hope you enjoy them!


some things looked like puzzle material, so you can tell i’ve gotten very stir crazy since all i do these days is watch anime and do puzzles.


sometimes i’m really overwhelmed by how beautiful the world can be. despite everything going on, the flowers still bloom without reservation.


i could have done without the sneezing. blossoms also mean allergy season is here. but they’re just so incredibly worth it.


lately, i’ve been wondering the names of flowers and plants – maybe i should start learning for fun.


i mean, i bet this little beauty has a charming name!


and something about this delicate droop makes me feel like i need to be more lady-like.


and nothing beats good old daffodils.


i can’t believe sometimes that i live so close to such a beautiful place.


leta and i took some pictures together, too. we had to keep our distance, but i’m glad we got to capture this moment.


i know leta loves me because she told me this is the closest she’s physically been to anyone in weeks. our social-distancing heart somehow feels really special.

things are really difficult right now, not just for me, but for everyone. that’s why it’s so important to find the joy in the little things. i hope you’re staying safe and healthy out there ! Xx

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