my bloody valentine

hello everyone! it’s been as crazy as ever, but i’m excited to share everything with you.

image (2)

since my last post, valentines day has come and gone, and what a special one it was! it was my first year celebrating with tony, and also our first one engaged. he brought me home these lovely roses and some delicious gummies.


after a quick dinner, we headed over to see dominion stage’s bloody bloody andrew jackson.

image (1)

it’s a very controversial show, but i personally think that dominion stage did it very tastefully. i knew a few people in the show so that made it even more fun for me. the rock music was so fun and the premise was interesting enough to keep me invested through the whole show. if you aren’t easily offended and would like to watch something edgy, i highly recommend it!

image (3)

i was able to meet up with one of my best friends, ashlee, for matcha ice cream and catching up. lately i’ve become very obsessed with this place! they gave me a littlemore matcha than i wanted, but it still ended up delicious!

image (6)

i started my new job. my first week included meeting all my new coworkers, enjoying a new commute, and a box of swag! i was so excited to get all the new things.

image (5)

it took me a few days to completely move in, but i was finally able to decorate my entire desk. now that all my colorful items are on it, it feels more like home.

image (7)

i also got to meet up with my sorority line sisters for dinner. it was my first time trying choon mang chicken, and oh boy! it was so worth it. i loved it so much, i definitely over-ate. i can’t wait to go back because their onion snow chicken (i know it sounds weird) was so delicious!

image (8)

another season of volleyball has come and gone. my team made quarter finals, so i get to play with them all a little longer, but the official season ended last week. i have to take next season off because mamma mia rehearsals are really picking up. luckily i’ll be dancing enough to offset my lack of volleyball exercise.

Blank 7 x 5 in

i got to be silly a lot this week. my mom bought me this adorable crab hat which i ironically wore to chasin’ tails. somehow the seafood tasted even more yummy! i debuted the ridiculously cute headband tiffany gave me, and did a face mask while hanging out with pia. she didn’t want to do one with me, so i just made her take selfies instead.

image (9)

and then this past saturday, i helped move my mother into my brother’s house. she’s getting quite a bit older and it was finally time for her to settle somewhere with family. this is the remarkable pack job of her whopping thirty (plus) chairs. it’s incredible we were able to get all of them in one trip because she owns way too many.

so many adventures await me as mamma mia starts to consume my life. i’ve been really exercising more lately and watching my diet so hopefully by the end of the show i’ll have reached my goal weight! my new job is still going fabulously, and i can’t get over how blessed i am. talk to you again soon! Xx


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