good old r and r

hello, everyone! i’ve been resting the past few days on a mini vacation before i start my new job. life has been such a whirlwind, but i’m proud to say that i still managed to keep up with posting at least once a week.

image (12)

long overdue – that’s basically the name of the lunch i had with pia and tiffany last week. we’ve been trying to get together since january 4th, but because of one thing and then another, we kept having to reschedule. it was really fun getting together with them and exchanging some leftover gifts from christmas and our birthdays.

image (13)

tiffany’s card actually made me cry! she is just such a cute and creative friend with all the best stationary.

image (14)

okay, so hear me out. doesn’t this cloud look like haku from spirited away? i kept shouting in the car excitedly that there’s a dragon, but tony didn’t buy it. i worked really hard to get a decent shot, but what do you think?

image (15)

as i mentioned, i made reston community player’s production of mamma mia! i’m so excited to get started and at our first rehearsal they handed out our librettos. i was really surprised when i got number 23, because that was also my audition number! i had kept my audition sticker in the car this whole time and couldn’t wait to show that they match! i’m wondering now if 23 is my new lucky number.

image (16)

tony and i took a look at our second option for a wedding venue and fell completely in love. just a sneak peak, as you know i’ve been writing about wedding planning in detail. it feels all the more real that we’re getting married since we’ve started looking at venues. we even solidified our date, and i’m beyond excited!

image (18)

a quick shot of us being silly and admiring the design of the venue, hee hee.

image (17)

my last few days at kajeet included new bubs. these three clownfish were just added to the 220 gallon saltwater tank that i was unfortunately leaving behind. they were much tinier than i expected them to be so i spent a lot of my day just squealing about how “itty bitty” they are. i’m really bummed that i won’t get to enjoy them but i’m glad i could at least meet them.

image (19)

and thus, my last day at kajeet came and went. i’m sad to go but i’m excited for my next adventure!

image (20)

and so my five day weekend before my next job was a relaxing and productive one. i spent a lot of time with my puppy and slept. this afternoon i begin my next big adventure, here goes! Xx


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