enter, june

hello all and happy monday! last week was a short work week, but all that meant was that five days of work were crammed into four. i was immensely overwhelmed with work, and now my rehearsal schedule has picked up quite a bit. each day was busy, but wonderful. before i knew it, it was friday.

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friday evening i was greeted by two bunnies in my neighborhood. lately i’ve been seeing so many rabbits – it must be mating season! i had a lot planned this weekend but a huge wrench was thrown in it by some bouts of unexpected nausea and stomach issues. i had to cancel a double date with some friends which made me incredibly sad.

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by late saturday evening i was finally feeling a bit better, so just for the sake of getting out, tony and i went to visit herndon festival. we had planned to go earlier in the day, but the evening lights ended up being utterly dazzling. unfortunately we weren’t able to do much except eat funnel cake, because the fair was closing.

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sunday we changed up our entire schedule just so we could experience the festival to its fullest. there were the same rides as always and a ton of vendors. the location was moved due to construction in the historic district, so it was different than normal, but i still had a great time!

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it was the perfect weather, not too hot! tony and i had so much fun walking around and seeing all the sights. we won some carnival prizes and rode a few rides – it was honestly a perfect date.

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while at the festival i ran into this jewelry vendor that has the most amazing dainty handmade pieces. i ended up buying a necklace and a ring from her (after walking away three times saying i’d think it over.) her style is very unique, but what really made me happy was learning her story. her shop, sojourn well, was at first a side charity project and turned into her mission. it was really touching, and i love her dedication to her work. isn’t this virginia necklace absolutely adorable?

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there was heavy rains in the late afternoon, but once things settled, we took leah out for a walk. i was obsessed with her little paw prints on the sidewalk after she’d walk through the wet grass. she’s becoming such a big part of my life, i can’t believe it.

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finally, we closed up the weekend with a trip to the gym. we’ve been working really hard to get our weights under control! on the way back we met this little frog. he sat perfectly still so i could take his picture. we encountered so many more on our way home, it’s frog season, too, apparently.

sometimes the hiccups in life lead to other charming experiences. i’m really glad this weekend turned out the way it did, i had the most amazing time. the week ahead is almost more busy than the one before. hopefully i can balance everything! best of luck to you in the days ahead ❤



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