queen of spades

it was a hectic week and a long weekend. last week i decided to take some time to focus on the things that really matter and took a step back from my constant social media craze so i didn’t take that many pictures. it was a good detox, and i was able to enjoy some quality time with tony.

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since i was with tony so much, i saw a lot of his sweet pupper, leah. she’s really needy, but equally as loving. i spend so much time with her now, that i’d dare say i’m her second favorite person! i’ve grown to love her a lot, and so sometimes i feel a little weak seeing her cute face.

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as i mentioned in my blog post last week, i reached my one year anniversary of playing volleyball and my team won the championships of our division! it was so exciting and an emotional journey. either way i have a lot to be proud of, and although i’m taking a big step back, i can’t wait for the new season to start!

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the weekend brought new encounters and really cozy company. tony’s parents came down to visit and so this included delicious food adventures and nice long walks, despite the heat. it was my first time meeting them, and they were absolutely lovely! we went out to eat at red robin, so i enjoyed a milkshake and fun conversation. tony’s mother was especially a treat, chatting with me about so many deep subjects over our meal.

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in the evening, we played cards. it was my first time playing in a while, and i had so much fun. tony’s dad was unforgivingly good, and stole the win at the last moment! we laughed a lot, and honestly i think hearts may be a new favorite for me.

Mobile Image3.jpg

everything wrapped up with me putting on my new kate spade comforter on my bed. my roommate got a new bed frame and graciously gave me her old one. my room now has a whole different feel to it, and i feel like the new sheets seem much more mature than what i had before.

it was a slow week but really refreshing. i’ve been working hard to try to reinvent myself. i want to grow and become less dependent on social media (ironic considering i write a blog, huh?) but i think positive sharing and constant comparisons to other’s lives are two entirely different things. i hope you have a good (short!) week ahead. ❤

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