april 2019 goals

well, i have no excuses. the past two months have been a complete and utter failure. when april passed in a blink of an eye and i realized i hadn’t completed my goals, i thought to myself, “i’ll just complete them in may.” well, as you may have guessed, i didn’t do that, either. life gets in the way, but i’m determined to be better!

Mobile Image3.jpg

april consisted of some simple goals; watch four seasons of game of thrones (i’ve only seen the final season), hang up pictures around the townhouse, and finally, get my overhand serve in volleyball.

i was out and about a lot these past two months, and with the busy schedule tony and i had, we weren’t able to sit and just watch the show. i want to get around to it at some point – i’ve been told the first four season are the only good ones.

also, since i wasn’t home all that much, my picture frames remain neglected in a box in the basement. i’m hoping to order some new prints from shutterfly soon so i can put them in the frames.

lastly, although i practiced, i just can’t get the hang of the overhand. my underhand is fine, but i want to become more competitive in my future games. alas, i guess i’ll have to work on my technique quite a bit more before i can achieve this.

Mobile Image.jpg

i’ve decided the only way to get my butt into gear is to add an incentive to my goals. if i can complete all of them, i will get myself a big ticket item. i’ve been eyeing these adidas running shoes for a while, but since i already have running shoes i couldn’t justify the purchase. hopefully by july i will have earned them and be enjoying working out in my new shoes. fingers crossed !

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