pierced with a heart

ever since high school i have been thinking about getting a second earlobe piercing. i never went through with it because i’m terribly afraid of needles and my mother has always swayed me against it. it was something i wanted but never enough.

recently the conversation has come up more often with leta. she’s debated a cartilage piercing in the same way for years, and during my birthday dinner, we made a deal that when one of us was ready, the other one would go and commit to their respective piercing, too. well, a week ago, leta and i started talking about a daith piercing for her and finally i said, let’s just do it! so for galentine’s day, we scheduled an appointment at a local piercing shop, and made an afternoon adventure of it.

Mobile Image2.jpg

brilliance piercing, a shop in vienna, had excellent ratings and wasn’t too far away. we headed over there and met jen, this amazingly kind and professional piercer. we spent quite a bit of time picking out our jewelry, but once that was done, we gossiped for a while until it was time for our appointment.

Mobile Image3.jpg

i was so anxious, since i’m such a baby and don’t take pain well. jen explained the process so well and once it was time, i took a deep breath in and a deep breath out. she was quick and gentle, but true to form, i still shouted, “agony!”

Mobile Image4.jpg

it was incredibly painful, but i was proud of myself for sitting still and making it through the whole process.

Mobile Image3.jpg

leta’s daith turned out absolutely gorgeous! she was a lot stronger than me, not to mention that hers hurts much more than a simple lobe piercing. after the deed was done, we headed over to enjoy some poke and bubble tea.

Mobile Image1

after our bellies were full, we changed into our matching sweaters and took pictures together. we’ll now have these best friend piercings to remember this galentine’s day forvever!

Mobile Image.jpg

i was really shocked that i would need to wait three whole months for the piercing to heal, and that i couldn’t take it out until then. it’s funny, normally i’m a very meticulous person who does a lot of research, but this time i really just played it by ear.

Mobile Image1.jpg

that evening i tried it out with hoops to see how it looked. i was really happy with it, and i’m really glad i took the leap with leta and fulfilled an old high school wish.

Mobile Image2.jpg

finally, i have to take a moment to appreciate this girl. leta’s been my best friend for years now and i don’t know how i would have made it through all of my crazy life experiences without her. through thick and thin, she’s been there when i needed her the most, and the fact that we went out for galentine’s day and did something this big together really reminds me how lucky i am to have her in my life. i’m excited for many more adventures with her in the years to come. ❤

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