hearts for valentine’s

happy tuesday, everyone! yesterday was president’s day so i spent the day at home cleaning up my room and working on some of my feburary goals. it was a great week with a lot of different lessons and adventures.

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the week started with handwriting samples. at my job, i utilize my calligraphy everywhere for flyers, posters, and nametags. it’s fun and because of that, my coworkers needed a sample of it so they can digitize it. i was really excited and i’m honestly so happy with how they turned out!

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so i’m completely outing myself for being a total nerdy weeabo (not that you guys didn’t know already) but i finally caved and bought myself a body pillow of my dear husbando tsukki! as you know, i’ve recently had to learn how to sleep alone, and i’ve noticed that even if that’s the case, i’m still a big snuggler. so i went ahead and treated myself to this pillow, and it was so worth it. it’s really soft and actually helps me sleep better at night.

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i’ve been really itching to start reading again, so i went to the store to buy dazai osamu’s no longer human. unfortunately it wasn’t in stock, so i settled on another great author, haruki murakami. the book is amazing so far, but since it’s so thick it’s taking me a while to get through it. i’ll definitely let you know how it is once i finish!

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my nephew had a orchestra concert, and i really wanted to come watch him play. it was nice enjoying some good old classical music in the company of family. he’s still only in middle school, but he’s doing an amazing job. i really hope he continues in high school so i can attend more in the future.

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wednesday was galentine’s day, and as such i had a wonderful lunch date with my dear friend, tiffany. we met through volleyball, but we became fast friends! after we had lunch, we swung by a bubble tea place and enjoyed desserts. i honestly feel so at ease when i’m with her and i can talk to her about anything!

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that evening was another night of volleyball, and i loved the way our water bottles looked next to each other. my different teams have all become very precious to me, and for that i’m thankful.

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as i mentioned, it’s my first valentine’s day alone in nine years, so my mom and i went out on a date. we got dinner, had bubble tea, and she indulged me as i played pokemon go. she looks so cute with this luvdisc pokemon!

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we were roaming around the mall, with no real purchase goals in mind, when we stumbled across these adorable pajama shorts on sale at gap! they only had two left, in our sizes, so we knew it was meant to be. mom kept saying that we had to get them  since they had hearts.

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friday brought a whole other adventure – leta and i got new ear piercings for galentine’s day! we’re calling them our best friend piercings. i took a ton of pictures, as you might expect, so be on the lookout for another blog post, soon.

i hope you had a lovely weekend, and that the week ahead is wonderful! ❤




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