gemz & roses are so me

lately, i’ve been video chatting frequently with my close friend, mikee. she lives all the way in the philippines, but even so, she’s someone i consider to be a sister. we’ve been friends for several years now and we make use of the app telegram in order to stay in touch. i’ve been ridiculously impressed on more than one occasion by her lips. she always picks colors that look amazing on her, and it got me asking her about the brands she uses.

mobile image4

she recommended the mac cosmetics retro matte liquid lipcolour, which she claimed to last all day long without any re-application. i obviously was quite skeptical, but after several encouraging pushes, mikee convinced me to try it out. so for the new year i ventured out to mac to find out if what mikee said was true.

mobile image1

i tried out a few of the shades, but i couldn’t seem to find one that i really liked. i was about to give up when one of the mac associates offered to help me, and picked out two shades that she felt would really fit me. she applied the darker shade as more of a liner, and the shimmering shade as the pop of color in the middle and i was in awe. my face completely transformed!

mobile image2

i was nervous, at first. i didn’t feel i could pull off such a fierce look, especially since i’ve always been more of a conservative girly-girl. my friend, cammy, kept telling me how great it looked and finally i was convinced to get it. i settled on both shades; gemz & roses and so me. and oh my goodness, the purchase was so worth it!

mobile image3

the next day, the lipcolour lasted all day. through lunch, nothing came off. after dinner, it still held firmly. then i went to hot yoga, and even though at the end of the class my hair was drenched and i had utter raccoon eyes from my sweat mixing with my eyeliner, the lipcolour was still there, and still perfect. honestly, the class kicked my ass, and i was feeling terrible, but after seeing that the lipcolour held through, it really made me feel great about my purchase.

Mobile Image4.jpg

that night, i put some makeup remover on a cotton round, and as if it was nothing, the lipcolour wiped off. i was honestly so impressed! i really thought that the removal would be such a pain since it held so well all day long. i mean, seriously! i was so wowed by this experience, i felt i needed to share it.

so if you’re ever looking to get a lipcolour that will really last and that’s totally worth the money, i recommend the mac cosmetics retro matte liquid lipcolour line.

*i am not sponsored or paid by mac cosmetics to do this post. i am just a fan of the brand. my opinions do not reflect the company’s position in any way.*

5 thoughts on “gemz & roses are so me

    1. i always put on lip balm before applying, so i don’t have the issue of my lips drying out. they are slightly drier when the product is on so i always make sure to moisturize at night! i saw some others have a bad experience with drying out, but i don’t experience any chapping. hope that helps! ❤


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