and a new year begins

2018 left just as 2019 came in, with friends and joy.

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the last day of the year included a delicious lunch date with a friend i haven’t been able to catch up with for a long time! as we went over what’s been going on the past few years and current events, i simply enjoyed her company. the food was absolutely delicious, as well, so it made up for the cold rainy weather that day.

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that night, i attended a new year’s party hosted by one of the closest girlfriends. it was absolutely wonderful to be surrounded by people i love. we played a game of kings, listened to “lit” music, and just chatted and had fun. once the ball dropped, we all drank and cheered. my heart felt really warm.

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the next day i woke up at a pretty reasonable hour, and was surprised to find that my nephews were waiting because they wanted to play axis and allies with me. the weeb in me obviously picked japan, and they taught me the basics. i’ve never played the game before but i had a lot of fun playing with them.

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the next day i went on a mall date with my dear line sister, cammy. we walked around the mall, shopped a bit, and just enjoyed being together. we stopped by mac, which i have been anxious to try their lipcolour line. the trip went really well, and i now have new makeup!

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on friday i had my last few cavities filled. it’s been a long time coming – i was irresponsible for several years and skipped the dentist. in recent years i’ve been very diligent about fixing and taking care of my teeth. this angle isn’t very flattering, but i was thrilled to finally be cavity-free!

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saturday night was a long awaited party with my volleyball group. we enjoyed a potluck and lots of drinks. we played many different games – taboo, super smash, kings, and piccolo. i loved the way my friend wrote my name on my cup, so i captured the moment to have forever.

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on sunday, the sky decided to paint itself with vibrant sunset colors. it looked really lovely and i was absolutely mesmerized. some of the best things in life really are free.

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finally i enjoyed the last of summer in stardew valley before heading off to bed. it was a great way to end the week. i’m glad i picked it up again because i really missed playing it.

how was your first week of the year? do you have any new year’s resolutions?


One thought on “and a new year begins

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