fa la la la la

the last full week of 2018 included christmas and a lot of merriment. i can’t say that i could have imagined a better week to conclude the year.

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christmas brought lots of time with family. i even got a present, which i normally don’t get as an adult. the wrapping and tag were so adorable, i couldn’t help but take a picture. inside were some slippers and kate spade jewelry. i absolutely loved them and all the other little things i got from everyone this year.

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halfway through the week i finally tried making cold soba on my own. i may have made too much! but to go with it, i picked up some sushi from my favorite japanese restaurant and feasted with my dear friend. the food was delicious. we ate while watching the haunting at hill house. have you seen it? i thought it was spectacular!

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what made the weekend especially wonderful was a girl’s day with some of my favorite people! we started the day off with brunch. i opted for some cranberry juice as opposed to the staple mimosa, but it was delicious and i still had tons of fun.

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the reason for brunch was that we booked an escape room! this one was christmas themed, and i’m proud to say we escaped santa’s workshop. to be festive we all wore ugly christmas sweaters. this got me so excited about ugly christmas wear that i went ahead and bought some discounted ones to wear for next year.

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we finished the room in record time so we decided to walk over to a local pop-up bar, the fa-la-la bar. the decorations were absolutely spectacular and the entire building was really cozy. it was my first time at a pop-up bar, so it was fun to see what i was all about.

Mobile Image.jpg

upstairs they even had a sleigh and the grinch. would it be me if i hadn’t posed with them?

Mobile Image1.jpg

the walk back to the car was windy, but i really enjoyed the sunny leesburg weather. i was enamored with this run-off canal, though my friends teased me for taking pictures of “a sewer.” i think the shot turned out fabulous- especially with how the light hit.

Mobile Image2.jpg

the weekend wrapped up with a good old boodle fight. do you remember this from april? it was fun to sit down with my family to enjoy some delicious food. i ate much more than i should have, but as a group we barely made a dent in the spread. afterwards i overindulged in karaoke – which i can’t thank my friend pia enough for letting me sing as much as i did. i enjoyed a nice sleepover with her afterwards and the next day got myself ready for new year’s eve.

how was your christmas? did you enjoy your last full week of the year? hope your having a great 2019 so far! ❤




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