the first week of april

the first week of april was filled with all sorts of adventures. (though they didn’t really start until thursday.) here’s a little update on what i did.


on thursday night i enjoyed some delicious crabs at captain pell’s, a local crabhouse. they get their crabs fresh, and they make them with old bay seasoning. i definitely swayed in my seat while i enjoyed them. there’s something satisfying about working hard for your food, and since you have to peel and open the shells yourself, it really is gratifying to enjoy the taste in your mouth. as i guessed i would, i cut myself on one of the pincers toward the end of the meal – i’m so clumsy. the cut was completely worth it, though.


on friday, our boss brought in bagels to work from his usual spot and i was pleasantly surprised to find that they had added the infamous new york rainbow bagel to their menu. it was so colorful and beautiful! it was a plain bagel, but it was more tasty somehow. i’m pretty sure it was placebo from the excitement, but i’ve now found my new favorite bagel.


as if the bagel wasn’t exciting enough, i stopped by my favorite poke place for lunch. poke is one of my favorite foods. it combines all of my favorite things, rice, edamame, sashimi, and seaweed all in one wonderful bowl. they recently started decorating their restaurant with paper flowers, and the design has been getting bigger and bigger each time i visit.  i had to take a picture so i could share with you guys. i may have over-indulged myself on friday because i was so bloated and full the rest of the day that i even skipped dinner.


saturday, bae and i went to see a quiet place. i was so nervous as i’ve only recently been getting used to horror films. all the tweets i saw about it made me feel like maybe it would be too overwhelming for me. i sat there nervous the whole time, but although the movie was frightening, i didn’t scream (which is a huge feat in and of itself.) the movie had such deep emotion and it did a good job investing you in the characters. i would highly recommend it, and i would love to watch it again. the message was very profound and it left an impression on me. i also realized how much noise we make in our daily lives and i became much more aware of the idea of silence and being quieter.


on sunday morning i woke up late and went downstairs to start making lunch. since it was nice out, i decided to open the blinds in the dining room so we could get some light in. every time i look at our backyard i’m always awestruck that this beautiful place is where i live. i enjoyed the view for a bit before i went on to cooking, but needless to say, i can’t wait until everything starts blooming and blossoming.


that night we went to my brother’s house to enjoy a good old fashioned filipino boodle fight. food is laid out on banana leaves and everyone uses their hands to eat around the table. it’s a traditional military custom for eating, so it is a fun cultural experience. since there was no plate, i just kept eating and eating.

the first week of april brought lots of fun, food, and peace. tonight i’m going out with my best friend, leta for her birthday. maybe this week will be even better than the last.

did you do anything fun this past week?


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