tsuki haul

on march 1st, my favorite celebrity couple launched their unisex brand, tsuki. i remember sitting at my computer at work and spamming my boyfriend via text about how we needed to get everything. i was immediately obsessed. that night when we got home, we proceeded to order some of their products, and i wasn’t surprised to find that a lot of sizes for some products already sold out.

Mobile Image.jpg

the items we ordered have finally arrived, and i’m so excited to talk about them.

Mobile Image4.jpg

i never thought i could pull off over-sized clothing, so this was the moment that i would step out of my comfort zone and get clothes that were meant for that loose feel.

Mobile Image4.jpg

the turtleneck is so comfortable, and it’s not like the long-sleeve shirts you get from generic stores, the fabric is very thick, so even though it was cold outside, i was still warm.

Mobile Image.jpg

just like with the turtleneck, the t-shirt is thick, slightly over-sized, and super comfortable. since the fabric is thick, it doesn’t show any dark underwear underneath even though it’s a light pink color.

Mobile Image.jpg

i tucked it into my jeans with a slight overhang, and it paired perfectly. i couldn’t resist, so wore my beret, too. i was surprised that even though the beret was one size, it fit my small head perfectly!

Mobile Image.jpg

i was worried it would fall off a little or that i’d have to wear it over my bangs, but instead it sat right where a beret should. the day i wore it to work, i got a lot of compliments. this is my new favorite accessory.

Mobile Image4

the real question is, are you really his girlfriend if you don’t steal his hoodies? well, this one we ordered for bae, so it’s was way too big for me, but i thought i’d show it off just for fun. the fabric it’s made out of is so soft. the inside was so snuggly, i didn’t want to take it off. in the end i gave it back to bae but at least i got this cute picture first.

i really hope that felix and marzia release more clothes for this line in the future. everything is comfortable, durable, and so adorable. ❤

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