bones instead of skin

another week and new adventures experienced. it was rough in a lot of ways, but overall, it’s a week i’m glad i experienced.

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wednesday brought my favorite holiday – halloween! we had a costume contest at my work, and a lot of people dressed up. i remember my first year working here, i was the only one who dressed up, so as you can see, we’ve come a long way.

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on thursday, i took a trip up to delaware to see my dear friend get her majority ceremony. i am part of a youth organization called job’s daughters, and i spent a good chunk of my life involved with it. i haven’t been very active recently because life has gotten so busy, but i always make sure to come out for the special occasions. since the membership ages range from 10-20, once someone turns 20 years old, they receive a special ceremony giving them alumna status. it was so fun doing a little road trip and spending time with people i’ve loved for so long!

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i treated myself to some lunch this week at one of my favorite kabob places. they’ve recently renovated, and added this beautiful stone desk in the main area. i was so charmed by the colors and design, i needed to share it.

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i had my first wine night ever – and it was so much more fun than i thought it would be! i recently have made some new girlfriends at volleyball, and we all have been having a rough couple weeks, so we decided to drown our sorrows in wine and girl talk. whatever i imagined in my head was far inferior to how great it actually was. it was really nice to talk candidly and become close to great friends like these.

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i stumbled upon a book of poetry this weekend, and found two pieces that really struck me. i’ve been going through a rough patch these past few months, so sometimes the most soothing thing is reading words that really touch you. honestly, listening to music and reading poetry has really helped me adjust to all the changes in my life recently.

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the weekend closed with some delicious frozen custard with a good friend. lately my friends have been my rock and i’m so glad they’ve made as much time for me as they have. sometime it gets really difficult, and i don’t feel like i can go on, but there are certainly sunny days that follow the rainy ones.

i’m feeling a bit more positive this week. hopefully i have some great adventures to share with you all at the end of it.

sending you love and good vibes this monday morning ❤

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