a packed weekend

this past weekend, my dear friend, ardenis flew down from new york city to visit me! i was so excited to spend time with her, we’ve been surviving with phone calls and facetime dates since i last saw her. due to her visit, i ended up having a very fun and eventful weekend.

Mobile Image3.jpg

i took friday off to spend a girls day with her, and we had planned to go to a cat cafe. since the cafe was nestled in georgetown, we went exploring around the city until our appointment. i’ve been going to georgetown a lot recently, and i’m growing quite fond of it.

Mobile Image4.jpg

we came across a lot of great places to take pictures. this alleyway in particular was so adorable. the fall decorations just made my heart swell, so we stopped for a while to enjoy the scenery.

Mobile Image.jpg

all the little houses were decorated so nicely. i love tasteful halloween decorations!

Mobile Image1.jpg

of course, i had to stop by kate spade, and take a look at all the latest merchandise in person. there were quite a few things that i really liked, but i’m proud to say i was good and kept my wallet in my purse.

Mobile Image2

it was cold out, but it was perfect fall weather.

Mobile Image3.jpg

we arrived at the cat cafe and got hot chocolates. there were about thirty cats in the cafe, most friendly and adorable. this cute little guy is named slate.

Mobile Image.jpg

ardenis and i took a ton of pictures together. rusty was the only cat that really wanted to be held. honestly he was one of my favorites, and was so soft!

Mobile Image4.jpg

of course a lot of the cats were sleeping, as cats do. i didn’t get to hang out with these two that much, but they were absolutely precious, relaxing there.

Mobile Image1.jpg

on the way out, we got a free polaroid and stickers. i put it up on my desk at work so i can remember the fun everyday! i had so much fun, i’d definitely go again.

Mobile Image2.jpg

on saturday, ardenis joined leta and i on our weekly walk to the farmer’s market. it was nice taking this walk with someone seeing it with fresh eyes. ardenis found all the simple beauties during the walk even though it was a cold, rainy day. it inspired me to take pictures of views i had started taking for granted.

Mobile Image4.jpg

during the walk, we noticed a leaf had landed on top of leta’s head. it lay there perfectly during our walk, and we all laughed about how cute it looked on her hood. once we had gotten to our destination, i snapped a picture to show her.

Mobile Image3.jpg

we left a little late, so we ended up missing the farmer’s market. we opted to eat lunch at one of the local restaurants, and the food was absolutely delicious. i got to try their jam, which is made in-house, and it was delicious!

Mobile Image.jpg

sunday was our last day together. i took ardenis to the local dessert place. it was so delicious. we talked about everything that happened over the weekend, and i was so happy to hear that she had a good time.

Mobile Image1.jpg

before she left, we put on our halloween costumes. we were the “twin emoji” and got matching outfits. we felt so cute and had fun dressing up. we had planned to wear them to a party, but those plans fell through, so we made sure to at least take pictures together.

the weekend was so fun and eventful, and i’m so glad i was able to spend it with her. ardenis has quickly become an irreplaceable friend, and i can’t wait to see her again. ❤

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